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My husband is a huge Eagles fan and has been since he was a kid. I envy his experience because I didn’t really get into football until college. My dad is not a huge sports watcher so I wasn’t really around it much. However, my uncles are both huge NY Jets and NY Giants fans. Uncle Vinny is a Giants fan as was my Grandpa Vinny. Can you tell that I am Italian or what? My Uncle Chris is a huge Jets fan, which he says was the worst decision of his childhood since they lose so much. Every holiday they watched football, but I just never got into it. I wish I had paid attention because it would have made the holidays more fun!

Eagles Outfit

When I got to college, someone sat me down and explained the game to me. Once I knew what was going on, I started watching it more and more. I went to so many NFL games all over Florida that I cannot even remember how many. I know I have been to every NFL stadium in Florida a few times watching the Dolphins, Bucs, and the Jaguars. However, I never felt an allegiance to any of the NY teams or the Florida teams.

Then, I met Kevin (my adoring husband), I feel in love with Eagles and their crazy fans. How can you not love a team with fans that get that rowdy? They aren’t fair weather the way some fans are nowadays. They will be there watching whether they are winning or losing. I love the spirit of The Eagles almost as much as I love my husband, Kevin.

In the spirit of sharing over the holiday, I am super excited to share my NFL Style with your guys. They have so much cool stuff on the NFL website for women! I grabbed a custom V-Neck top that looks fantastic with black skinny jeans and boots. Just throw on a coat and you will be ready for the cold!

_MG_1602 _MG_1579


The accessories are just fantastic. I am all decked out in Eagles gear from my cell phone case (iPhone 6 Plus!) to earrings and hat. I was blown away by the selection!

IMG_6079 IMG_6061 IMG_6075

_MG_1634-Edit _MG_1855-Edit

_MG_1821 _MG_1677

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Now what I have shared my favorite NFL gear and my story, I would love to see your faves and hear your story!

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