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The best way that I have found so far to grab travel essentails all at once is to pick up the  Cottonelle Clean Care Box. It includes 7 premium personal care items that are essential to make your travels easier.  The Cottonelle Clean Care Box is available for a limited time. Get your own today for only $5!!! (+ free shipping) The Cottonelle Clean Care Box is valued at over $25! Once cottonelle stops selling it, you can use my travel essentials checklist to grab the same products for your next trip.  Cottonelle and Kleenex products often have offers on Target’s Cartwheel app, so you will always find just as much savings!

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Cottonelle® Clean Care Bath Tissue

Bath Tissue (aka Toilet Paper) is a must for all travel bags. You never know when you might need to do an emergency toilet paper. This bath tissue is awesome because they are unscented and designed to clean better with CleanRipple® Texture—you’ll get hooked once you try this amazing bath tissue! It is super soft and the CleanRipple® makes sure you don’t miss anything. It also looks extremely fancy. It makes me smile when I see it because the perfectionist in me loves the way it looks. 

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NEW Kleenex® Facial Cleansing Wipes

These facial wipes make it easy to stay fresh on your travel journey. I like being able to grab them and wipe the plane off my face when traveling. The Kleenex® Facial Cleansing Wipes combines multi-layered, textured fabric and a gentle cleanser infused with a pro-vitamin complex to give the natural radiance of a freshly washed clean in just 1 step. Alcohol Free, Pre-moistened, Dermatologist Tested, and found in Assorted Patterns, this will be available at Target.com at the end of July, along with the whole line of Kleenex Facial Cleansing products. More Kleenex Facial Cleansing products are available on Target.com.

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Cottonelle® Fresh Care* Flushable Cleansing Cloths

Moist and unscented, this product features quick dry performance to help you feel confidently clean and dry. Most effective when used with Cottonelle Bath Tissue.

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Kleenex® Facial Tissue

One soft tissue is all it takes to show you care. This product contains 10 sheets and features a slim design to fit easily into your back pocket or backpack. Plus, it comes in a variety of designs! I love buying these because the prints make me smile every time that I see them in my purse.

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Skinfix® Ultra Rich Hand Cream

This award winning hand cream is clinically proven to treat dry, cracked skin on hands. It softens, deeply hydrates, and moisturizes even the driest, eczema-prone hands with it’s unscented, medicated, steroid-free formula. Dermatologist tested and paraben-free, this hand cream relieves and soothes itchy, irritated skin. It is perfect for the airplane when your skin is so dry. Also, the bottle is only 3 oz meeting the requirements for carry on bags.

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Skinfix® Lip Repair Balm

With a lightweight, deeply hydrating formula, this lip repair balm soothes and moisturizes chapped lips. It contains 40% coconut oil to help banish dry lips on contact. I need to keep a lip balm on hand because traveling dries me out and you never know what the weather will be like when you arrive at your destination.

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The Bathery® Delicate Sponge

Enjoy a refreshing bath or shower with the soft and soothing texture of this bath sponge. The sponge comes in assorted colors and makes for the perfect exfoliator!

Coupon Booklet

The Cottonelle Clean Care Box also includes a coupon booklet so you can save even more on Cottonelle®, Kleenex®, Skinfix®, and The Bathery® at Target!

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17 thoughts on “Easy to Grab Travel Essentials List”

  1. Sounds like this contains everything you might need! We are always looking for kleenex when we are out and about. This would make it really handy!

  2. These sound like some great products to use. They would all definitely come in handy when you need them. I love those Cottonelle products too!

  3. The Cottonelle Clean Care Box will be perfect to add to my care box to my Daughter. She is going away to College in the fall. I need to get a few.

  4. What a great travel list. You never know when these will come in handy. The facial wipes and flushable cleansing cloths would be nice after spending hours traveling.


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