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This Eggoji Emoji Party blog post was sponsored by Eggo, but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. 

Emojis are a huge party of communication these days especially for Millennial Moms like me! Having an Emoji Party is an easy way to have children and even adults express their emotions. With the release of the new Eggoji Keyboard, you can express your feelings and emotions through Eggo Waffle Eggojis while declaring your undying love for Eggo Waffles. You can share your Eggoji, but not your delicious Eggo Waffle. L’Eggo my Eggo!!

Emoji Party

L'eggo my Eggo

 L’Eggo my Eggo Eggoji

A few weeks ago, I was one of the very lucky few bloggers that got to help with an awesome new social media innovation made by a staple food that is always in my freezer! They had me screaming L’Eggo My Eggo with a World Record Holder! There is a video of this somewhere! During my time at the Eggo Kitchen in San Jose, I got to see how the Eggo’s are made and how incredibly enthusiastic the employees are about their Eggo’s. I also learned that there are so many varieties that I didn’t know about and now love! Have you tried the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll Flavored Wafflers? From Homestyle Waffles to Chocolatey Chip, there are many varieties to make your real life Eggoji creation uniquely yours.

One of the coolest parts of the Eggoji keyboard is that it can inspire some creativity when it comes to an Eggoji Emoji Party. When I was in San Jose, working with Eggo on making the Eggoji Keyboard, they set up a huge buffet of items to help create edible Eggojis. There was everything from tiny pepperonis to gum balls. I have put together a comprehensive (to the best of my memory) list of items to include in your Eggoji Emoji Party Buffett. You can even ask your friends to bring a few items on the list to make it more of a potluck buffet party.

Emoji Party

Eggoji Emoji Party Buffett

6 Eggo Waffles per Guest! – You don’t want to run out of Eggo Canvases!
Rainbow Gum Balls
Tiny Pepperonis
Chocolate Sauce
Rainbow Sprinkles
Chocolate Sprinkles
Candy Corn
Dried Cranberries
Reese’s Pieces
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Gummy Bears
Chocolate Chips
Jelly Beans
Colorful Bell Peppers
Whipped Cream
Maple Syrup
Tooth Picks

Leggo My Eggo (4 of 28) Leggo My Eggo (6 of 28) Leggo My Eggo (5 of 28)

Leggo My Eggo (8 of 28)

Here are a few of the Eggoji creations that I made with the Eggoji Emoji Buffet in San Jose! My Favorite from this group is the mini ninja made on the Eggo Mini Waffles with chocolate syrup, M&Ms, and toothpicks. I used the toothpick to add the chocolate eyes too!

Leggo My Eggo (13 of 28) Leggo My Eggo (14 of 28) Emoji Party

During my time at the Eggo Kitchen, I got an Eggo education with the tour of the food factory, where the employees even having a tasting station to make sure the waffles are up to the high standards that Eggo has set for itself. I also learned about all the recipes you can make with Eggos including my favorite dish – Chicken and Waffle Cones! This is a great breakfast, lunch and dinner in my household. They taste as yummy as the look!


Crazy about unicorns? This is my fave Eggoji!! 


This is what happens to me when I see cute shoes!! Wakeup-2

This is what I look like before coffee in the morning!! Don’t talk to me before coffee!!


No Way with attitude!! Fluffy

This Fluffy guy just makes me so happy!! I am dying to make this Eggoji with my Eggo Canvas! 

Check out all the amazing recipe ideas they have on the LeggoMyEggo website! You will be mommy of the year after making even one of these recipes for your family!

Leggo My Eggo (10 of 28)

Leggo My Eggo (26 of 28)You can see what other influencers came up with online on your favorite social media by searching the #Eggoji and #LeggoMyEggo Hashtag!Leggo My Eggo (23 of 28)

Download the Eggoji app for both iOs and Android and, soon enough, you’ll be as addicted as I am to these awesome digitized treats!

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