Finding the Perfect Family Accommodation When You’re Travelling

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Choosing the right accommodation is what sets the tone for any memorable trip, but when you’re traveling as a family it’s even more important to get right.

A stay that would have suited you as a couple might not be quite right with babies and kids in tow, so do some research to get this right. Here are some different types of accommodation to consider, along with the pros and cons. 

Hotels and Resorts

Going for hotels and resorts offers you a convenient and hassle free experience as a family. You have everything under one roof, from comfortable rooms to on site restaurants and amenities which all help to provide you with a seamless stay.

If you have little ones with you for example, getting public transport out each evening in the search of a restaurant might not be appealing (whereas if you were travelling as a couple, something like this probably would have been a highlight!) 

The added benefit of maids, cleaners, and childcare services can ease the load as parents too. There are social opportunities abound, making it a great choice if you’re looking to connect with others during your stay, however, the trade off is that you have limited privacy and potentially higher costs compared to other alternatives.

Villas and Vacation Homes

If your family is after more space and privacy, then villas and vacation homes are an appealing option. These accommodations provide you with ample room for the entire family, and create a homely environment in a new setting which can be nice when you have little ones and need to maintain some kind of a routine around sleeping, eating etc.

The privacy offered is unmatched, these Luxury vacation rentals in St. Barts for example allow for undisturbed relaxation and you have your own space, pool etc. However, this comes with added responsibilities, as you’ll need to handle cooking, cleaning, and organising any activities.

Depending on the location, you might also experience a more secluded atmosphere compared to more bustling resort settings.

Camping and Glamping

For adventurous families who are seeking a closer connection to nature, camping and glamping are a fantastic outdoor experience. Setting up camp allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and sense of unity with nature.

The simplicity of camping (with the essentials packed into tents or RVs) can create lasting memories as chances are there will be some funny moments along the way where things arent perfect! Glamping takes this a step further, by combining the joy of camping with a touch of luxury. Check out our glamping experience in central Florida.

While these provide a unique and refreshing experience and can cost a little less, they might not be suitable for those who prefer the comforts of indoor living. 

In the end, the choice between hotels, resorts, villas, or camping all depends on your family’s preferences and priorities. Spend some time in the planning phase working out which will be the best fit before you book.

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