Westgate River Ranch Resort & Adventure Park

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The trip to Westgate River Ranch Resort & Adventure Park was the top trip for me this year. My whole family loved glamping in the Westgate River Ranch Teepees, the Adventure Park, and all the activities.

Westgate River Ranch Resort

Westgate Ranch is only an hour south of Orlando in Central Florida. For those of us coming from South Florida, it is only about a 2 hour drive. You have passed the Yeehaw Junction exit a million times on your way up to Orlando. I have actually taken the Yeehaw Junction exit to take Route 60 across through Lake Wales to Tampa. The cowboy themed accommodations are super fun and my daughter loved every minute of it! 

Westgate River Ranch

Westgate River Ranch

Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is filled with lots of fun for kids! My daughter and I started by zip-lining together. Then she proceeded to zip line about 10 more times over the next few days at Westgate River Ranch. The adventure park is included in the Teepee stay too. You can learn about the luxe teepees here

Ziplining at Westgate Ranch

At the adventure park, you and the kids can also find rock climbing, bull riding, blowup bungee jumping (not real bungee jumping), and mini golf. 

Bungee Jumping at Westgate Ranch

Bull Riding 

The bull riding was one of boys favorites. My daughter did the mechanical bull riding once and did not like that she fell off. Inevitably you fall off as that is how the bull ride stops. The operator goes to the level of the person on the bull and starts really slow. The boys were all for the falling off too, but my 6 year old daughter was not down for waiting in line to fall off again. She didn’t cry or anything, but she was done with the bull riding after one go. 

Bull riding at Westgate River Ranch Adventure Park

Rock Climbing 

The rock climbing at the Westgate ranch was so much fun. The have different levels so that even little kids can crock climb. My daughter loves climbing so this was a big win for her. She did it more than 10 times during our weekend stay. Even if you kids are not avid rock climbers, t his is the place for them to try it out. 

Horseback Riding

Mu daughter was not tall enough for horseback riding, but she did get to ride a pony. You have to be 51 inches to ride the horses. We will be back to do some riding when she is older. You can learn about the luxe teepees here

Westgate Ranch horseback riding


The archery was so much fun for everyone! It was included as part of being a teepee guest and was very easy to just grab the bows and arrows. I feel like my daughter and I definitely improved just by practicing over the weekend. What a fun way to try out a new sport?! 

Westgate River Ranch archery

Petting Zoo 

The petting zoo is so cool as the goats are just hanging out. We saw some baby goats that my daughter fell in love with. It was super sweet! At the petting farm, you can pet bunnies, deer, goats, and see a ton of other animals like beautiful horses. 

Pumpkin Decorating 

At the petting zoo close to Halloween, the Westgate River Ranch has a pumpkin decorating spot. Its super fun and great stop for some creativity. 

Petting Zoo

Westgate River Ranch Teepee 

The luxe teepees were one of my favorite parts of staying at the Westgate River Ranch. They have AC, a cute front porch, a living room with pull out couch, a luxurious bathroom, and a huge king size bed. I would highly recommend staying in the Westgate River Ranch Teepee because so many things are included in your stay.

Westgate River Ranch teepee

As a teepee guest, you get to go to the rodeo in a special seating area (the best seats in the house), a golf cart to get around the property which is definitely necessary because it is huge!

There are so many benefits of staying in the Westgate River Ranch Teepee. You also get a private teepee only area to hang out. The teepees are in a beautiful area where the kids had a blast.

Westgate Ranch Teepees

When you check in, you can schedule breakfast to be delivered in the morning. It is included as part of your teepee purchase. In the morning, based on the time of your choosing, your breakfast and morning coffee is delivered and set out in a covered barrel on your porch. They don’t disturb your sleep and you grab it when you wake up. It was so nice! I want this type over service everywhere now! LOL 

Teepee Concierge

The Teepee also comes with concierge service that will get you anything during your stay. They’ll go food shopping for you if you want to grill something on the grill in front of your teepee. While we were at the rodeo in our Teepee seats (best seats in the house – since they are front and center), our concierge went to the concession stand and got everything we asked for – drinks, popcorn, candy, beer, whatever you want. 

At night, the concierge comes and lights the fire for you. As part of being in the teepee, you get a s’mores kit. My daughter’s favorite thing is making s’more on the fire when we are traveling. 

These is a general store where you can grab food and also pay for the crafts that your kids make at the craft hut that is right across the way from it. As part of the being a Teepee guest, your kids crafts are also included. My daughter painted a really cute cowboy hat. 


We also went on the dinner Hayride where there is a live band and you ride around the property on the back of tractor. It is really fun! My daughter loved seeing the birds flying and getting to see the nature of Central Florida. After the hayride, we have a cookout dinner with yummy southern cooking. 

Westgate River Ranch hayride

Westgate River Ranch Rodeo

Every week at Westgate Ranch they have a Saturday night rodeo. It is a super fun way to see a rodeo! They have bull riding, barrel racing, and even trick riding. They also have this kid friendly activity where the kids try to catch the calves. It is broken up by age group and a fun experience for all the kids. 

Kissimmee River 

Since Westgate Ranch is on the Kissimmee River, you can also take airboat rides and swamp buggy ride around the area. The Kissimmee is the river that flows into the Okeechobee River that then flows down into the rivers of South Florida. This is an interesting way to teach kids and adults about the waters of Florida. 

Visiting Westgate River Ranch was one of the most fun trips we have taken this year and I would highly recommend a visit! Book your trip here

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