Cricut Gift Tags

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We made these Cricut Gift Tags for people that you a buying gifts for this year. Skip the stickers and customize your wrapping presentation and all the presents under the Christmas tree.

Cricut Gift Tags

Cricut Gift Tags 

Tools & Supplies 

Cricut Maker

How to Make Cricut Gift Tags? 

To make card stock gift tags with the cricket, you will need two different colored card stock.

Start with the gift tag design file and choose the size that you want.

Then, duplicated the tag and change the color of the second one.

Write the name of the gift recipient out in block letters. We used the  Cricut font.

Size the name so that it fits on the gift tag. Place the name where you want it.

Select the tag and the name. Then, hit the slice button. Remove and delete the name and the slice.

Now, duplicate the tags as many as you need.

You want an equal amount of tags so that you can layer them.

Hit make on the cricket design space.

Load the standard cricket mat into the cricket machine using the arrows.

Select the material card stock in the make window.

The Cricut will cut 2 different sets of tags. You have to load each mat separately. Cricut design space will prompt you to load the second sheet.

Then, weed the tags off the Standard mat.

Use a glue stick to glue the two side of the gift tag together.

We used them instead of the sticker gift tags with yarn for this body scrub gift or with ribbon.

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