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This is a sponsored post as part of an ongoing partnership with CVS Health. I love CVS and am super excited to share all the goodies that I have found! Check out my last post about High Fiber Foods on how to help keep your cholesterol low. 

My first aid kit starts with the All-Purpose First Aid Kit from CVS Health! They did a fantastic job putting their kit together that I didn’t need to add much to make the perfect first aid kit for my household.

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Cuts & Scrapes

The All Purpose First Aid Kit from CVS Health is filled with bandages ranging from large to tiny. Some of the bandages have labels that finally explain the random sized bandages that are always in the multipack.first aid kit (1 of 9)

I decided to add some cartoon bandages with Superman, Minions, Sharks or Skylanders to the mix because I know my toddler prefers her bandages with something fun on them!

I also added CVS Health Advanced Healing Premium Bandages because they work great on blisters. They create a moist environment promotes up to 50% faster healing and lasts up to 7x longer than traditional bandage because of the 100% waterproof seal. The Advanced Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer will keep you germ free for 24 hours in as little as 15 seconds. It forms a non-toxic barrier with lasting effects for up to 24 hours and does not produce the harmful, dermatological effects associated with traditional, high alcohol based hand sanitizers.

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To help heal cuts and scrapes quicker, I also included CVS Health Triple antibiotic ointment. It has everything you need to kill germs like Bacitracin Zinc, Neomycin Sulfate, and Polymyxin B Sulfate.

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Bleeding, Wounds & Burns

The All Purpose First Aid Kit from CVS Health has all kinds of things that you might need if you are burned, bleeding or wounded beyond a scrape. This is everything from butterfly closures to latex gloves. All the gauze and pads you might need for an injury. I’ve added some non-latex gloves for my mom who is allergic to latex and some Athletic Tape that is easy to tear. I put them in the first aid slot marked Bleeding, Wounds, and Burns, so that’s they are easy to find just in case!

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Sprains and Strains

The All Purpose Kit contains a section on strains and sprains. I love how this thing is keeping me ready for anything!

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If you strain or sprain something, there is an instant cold compress. Also, it looks like you can also help fix a broken finger or toes with tongue depressors and gauze. Also, you can grab the ibuprofen from the headaches and pain packet to help reduce swelling.

Blisters, Stings, & Splinters

The blisters, stings, and splinters section have moleskin blister padding to help let blisters heal, a tweezer and cotton swabs. In the headaches and pain section of the first aid kit, you can also grab After Bite pads. This works great to minimize the effects of mosquito bites, fleas, and ticks.

I also added some First Aid Spray and Itch Relief Spray. This helps relieve pain from insect bites and rashes from poison ivy, oak or sumac.

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CPR & Shock

This area of the first aid kit has Emergency First Aid guide explaining what to do in case of emergency. This is extremely helpful when your power is out, and you cannot use the Internet to find everything.

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There are a few other items to help with CPR like CPR Mask, an Emergency Blanket, Temperature Strip, and medical scissors.

Headache & Pain

Headaches and pain are the most common times that I use medicine in my house. I always keep a bottle of Ibuprofen on hand. When I run out, it is nice to know that there is some in the first aid kit. The all purpose first aid kit has lots of goodies like:
Antiseptic Towelettes – used for cleaning cuts and scrapes.
Alcohol Pads – used to clean and disinfect tools
Triple Antibiotic Ointment – used on top of cuts and scrapes to prevent infection
After Burn Ointment – used on top of burns to help with the pain and move the healing process along
After Bite – this helps take the itch and pain out of insect bites
Aspirin – used for headaches
Acetaminophen – used for fever and headaches
Ibuprofen – used for pain and headaches

I also included some Lozenges for sore throats, antacids tablets for upset stomach, and Children’s AirShield to prevent sickness before it starts.

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First Aid Kit

You can grab all the goodies from this post from this shopping list:

All-Purpose First Aid Kit

Children’s AirShield

CVS Health Triple antibiotic ointment

Itch Relief Spray

First Aid Spray

Advanced Healing Premium Bandages

Cartoon Bandages Superman

Advanced Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

You can get all these goodies and more at a discount with the ExtraCare Rewards program. I get emails about discounted and got $10 off $40 on purchases that I made this week. I sent the offer to my CVS Extra Care Card that the cashier happily looked up with my phone number. If you use the CVS ExtraCare Card for all of your first aid kit items, you will receive 2% back in ExtraBucks coming up on October 1.  ExtraBucks are paid quarterly – July 1, October 1, January 1, April 1, so everything you spend now gets you more $ off at the end of the quarter1

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