Five Makeup Tips to Create an Instant Face Lift

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Five Makeup Tips to Create an Instant Face Lift

Have you been burning the candle at both ends lately? If you have been feeling less than fresh-faced, try switching up your beauty routine to give yourself an instant facelift. It’s all about playing up your natural attributes and using subtle contouring techniques to slim, tighten, and lift your facial structure.


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1. Slick on a Bright Lipstick

One of the simplest ways to freshen up your face is by applying your favourite lipstick. Choose a bright, bold colour that works well with your skin tone to brighten your face and look more youthful.


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2. Use Contouring Techniques

If you look at contouring tutorials, the effects of this makeup technique can be just as dramatic as any rhinoplasty before and after shot! Use contrasting light and dark tones underneath your foundation to sculpt your facial features. High cheekbones can be achieved by using a foundation that’s a bit darker than your usual shade underneath the cheekbone, and a lighter foundation on top. Dark foundation or bronzer can be used to sculpt your jawbone, nose, or other areas that you wish to look slimmer and firmer.

3. Apply Eye Makeup to Upper Eye

Have you read the age-old advice to wear mascara on your lower lashes to make your eyes seem larger? This can actually backfire, particularly if your under-eye lashes are sparse to begin with. Applying thick, dark eyeliner to the bottom of your eye can also make your eyes seem smaller, and draw unwanted attention to fine lines and wrinkles. You can avoid this by applying eyeliner and mascara to the upper lash line, skipping the bottom. This will create the illusion of lifting your eyes and making them appear larger. You can also add extra dimension to your eyelids by using a neutral colour palette, applying shadow to the creases of your lids to open up the eyes.

4. Use Highlighter

Take contouring a step further by using highlighters as a finishing touch, after slicking on your concealer and foundation. Use a fine dusting of highlighter on angular features including your cheekbones to give them a light shimmer and make them really pop.

5. Fine Tune your Brows

Like eyelashes, eyebrows can become sparser with age and they can make a world of difference in your overall appearance. Great eyebrows frame your eyes without overpowering them, creating angles in all the right places. Spend a little bit of time filling in your eyebrows if they’re thin or over-plucked to provide definition for your face. Choose a color that’s one or two shades lighter than your hair color, to open up and brighten the eye area. Expertly applied makeup can work wonders as miraculous five tips and you can shave a few years off of your perceived age and feel more confident no matter how hetctic your schedule might be.

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