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I don’t know if you have noticed, but I have a little flamingo obsession. I just love the idea of Flamingos and beautiful flowers in summer. They just make me so happy and make me smile every time I see them.

Flamingo DIY -9704I picked up a quick Coca-Cola from Walgreens to share with my husband when he gets off work. It is was extremely convenient to just run in and grab what I needed.

Flamingo DIY -9683IMG_8489

Flamingo DIY Supplies & Tools

Coca-Cola Soda Can
Scissors or Tin Snips
Kevlar or strong gardening gloves
Nail Polish Remover or Rubbing Alcohol
Cutting Board or Mat
Masking Tape
Dull Point Pencil
Pink, White, and Black Paint or Nail Polish
Cotton Swabs
Hot Glue Gun

Flamingo DIY -9703Flamingo DIYInstructions

Start by emptying the can and rinsing it out. Let it dry before starting to cut it. Use gloves (Kevlar or strong gardening gloves) to handle aluminum. Cutting aluminum cans creates very sharp edges, so proceed with care.

Flamingo DIY -9627Print out the flamingo at 60% original size. Cut it so that it has a small border around the printed flamingo.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 3.49.30 PM

Cut off the top and bottom of the can. Use the scissors to poke a hole near the top of the can. Cut part way down the side of the can on the side with the fine print. Trim the ragged edges. Cut around the base of the can and discard both the top & bottom of the can.

Tape the flamingo print to the flattened can. Using the dull pencil over a cutting mat, follow the edge of the pattern pushing down to create small dents in the metal all the way around the edge. Don’t push too hard because you might puncture the metal.  Make sure to put more dents where there are sharp bends in the pattern. It makes it easier to follow.

Flamingo DIY -9635Once you are done with the dots, carefully peel the paper and tape off the can. Use a fine tip sharpie to connect the dots.

Flamingo DIY -9638Follow the marker and cut around the mark as you will be removing after.  It is easier to cut into the narrow tight sections of the pattern. Use cotton swabs and nail polish remover or alcohol to remove the marker.

Flamingo DIY -9640Use the hot glue gun to the straw. You can put it into the middle of the straw if you are interested in using the straw again. Also, dowels will last longer.

Flamingo DIY -9643 Flamingo DIY -9651You can keep the flamingo the color of the soda can or paint it pink and add a black beak and eye.

Flamingo DIY -9705Every Wednesday through Friday from 4:00 to 7:00pm, Buy 1 Coca-Cola 20 oz. bottle and Get 1 Free 20 oz. bottle to share! You can load the coupon instantly on the Walgreens app or click here for more informationMay through July you get 3,000 Balance Rewards points when you buy participating Coca-Cola products when you purchase $10 of participating Coca-Cola products.


Thanks for Reading! XOXO, April Golightly

Who will you share a Coke from Walgreens with this summer?

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