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Disney invited me to an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles in exchange for sharing it with you. As always, all opinions 100% my own.

OMG!! I am so excited about all the awesome Inside Out toys!! We received some toys on the Inside Out press trip, but that was not nearly enough for me! I bought more at the Disney Store, on, and in Target & Walmart the other day.

Inside Out Toys-9148


Let me start with my daughter’s faves! She loves the Inside Out Talking Plush and Inside Out Talking Dolls. She keeps playing the voices and laughing. The actors are the voice of the dolls, so I love hearing them. Each talking plush and doll each features key phrases from the film. The dolls come with memory ball so that you can create your own “memory ball” that opens up to enable you to insert your own moments.

Inside Out Toys-8935

Talking Plush Toys: Anger, Fear, Disgust, Joy, and Sadness

She also loves for me to read her the Inside Out Box of Mixed Emotion. She keeps grabbing the books for me to read and has started saying Anger since we started reading them last week.

Inside Out Toys-8946

As a gift for my sister and my husband for their desk at work, I gave them Anger Pop Dolls that I found for buy one get one half off at Hot Topic. I know some people collect these, but I enjoy playing with them.

unnamed (3)

I kept a ton of stuff to share with my daughter including the Inside Out Reversible Bag, the Pens, the Bracelet Pens. The full-size pens have scented vents on the sides to release sweet scents for the senses, with each emotion featuring its own unique scent. The Disney / Pixar Inside Out Inside Out Bracelet Pen Set has one for every emotion. You can match one to your outfit or your mood or wear them all!!

I’m sadness even though I am happy since I just got a ton of toys!! #InsideOutEvent #insideout

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Even my morning coffee is not safe from Inside Out. I bought a disgust mug for my coffee that I have been using every single day.unnamed (1)IMG_9188 I am also very excited about buying the Inside Out UGGs. They go up to 7.5 in women’s so I just barely make it, but barely mean I can still get them. Now, I just need to figure out which pair. The emotions of Inside Out are represented with a cute phrases on the sole and sweet embellishments that celebrate the rainbow of emotions on boots, slip-ons, and sneakers.

Inside Out Toys-8948


The last items on my Inside Out wish list are these Pillow Buddies. I want Anger, Sadness, and Joy! Soooo cute!! I cannot deal with the cuteness! I cannot wait to cuddle up with my favorite emotions!

Inside Out Pillow Buddies

My daughter and I were ready for the screening of Inside Out this week. She is wearing this Inside Out shirt.

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INSIDE OUT opens in theaters everywhere on June 19th!

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