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The foodie in me is ready to go anywhere to find a good meal! I will pay the big bucks for a night out with good food or hit up a hole in the wall that everyone says has the best burger! That’s why I jumped at the chance to visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to see if the food is as good as everyone says it is. I was not disappointed by the food or the awesomeness of Pittsburgh!! Here are some of my favorite restaurants and dishes in Pittsburgh. 


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Smallman Galley

My food experience in Pittsburgh started at Smallman Galley in the Strip District. It’s a genius concept that shows that Pittsburgh is a foodie town that knows how to eat!

The owners want to give chefs a fair shot and allow them to try out their restaurant concept with less risk than opening up a new restaurant on their own. The chefs get a chance to test the concept and recipes! 4 Chefs spend 18 months at Smallman Galley where they can gain a following and fine tune their restaurant concept. Some chefs might discover that being a restaurant owner is not for them and others might find out that the concept is next big thing.

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The patrons get to order from 1 or all 4 of the restaurants. This is perfect for when your husband doesn’t like the same food as you. He’ll get a burger from Provision PGH, and I’ll get a Horseradish Gnocchi with house-made black pepper ricotta, wild arugula, oyster mushrooms, and the best tasting kale from Carota Cafe.

smallman-galley-5-of-7 smallman-galley-1-of-7 smallman-galley-3-of-7

Smallman Galley
54 21st Street
Pittsburgh, PA

Conflict Kitchen

Conflict Kitchen is a yummy way to learn about different cuisines that are from countries that the United States is in conflict with! When I visited, the entire menu was focused on Iran. Now, the menu is focused on the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. I’ve never heard of it – which is why I love Conflict Kitchen! Of course, I immediately started researching it! The food is served in a large paper that explains all about the people, politics, and food of the people that Conflict Kitchen is focused on.


Conflict Kitchen
221 Schenley Dr
Pittsburgh, PA, USA 15213
412 802 8417

The Vandal

Vandal is a super stylish and chic restaurant that has a finely tuned menu that I am still dreaming about!

vandal-3-of-5 vandal-4-of-5

I decided to live on the edge and try something called red peas for breakfast! I was rewarded with a burst of flavors. The dish has braised Anson Mills Sea Isle red peas, topped with a poached farm egg, a bright herbal green sauce and served with “five points” sourdough toast. This is an epic explosion of my taste buds!

vandal-2-of-5 vandal-1-of-5

The Vandal
4 3 0 6  Bu t l e r  St.
Pi t t s b u r g h, PA

Waffles INCaffinated

Grab the best waffles in town from Waffles InCaffenated. They have everything you can think on a waffle! From savory to sweet, you can create your coffee and waffles with whatever your heart desires on top!

waffles-incaffeinated-south-side-1-of-2 waffles-incaffeinated-south-side-2-of-2
Waffles INCaffinated
2517 E. Carson St. 
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


The drinks and wigs are the perfect night out dinner for meeting up with friends or for a casual date night! The crispy chicken wings are going to bring me back to Pittsburgh because the memory of these flavors is not enough!


Simple ingredients that don’t tell the story the way this photo does! A food photo can bring me right back to flavor in a second!

4744 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA, 15224
(412) 251-0540

To find out more about Pittsburgh and what is new with this awesome Foodie town through > Visit Pittsburgh and follow the hashtag #lovepgh

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Food Travel - Guide to Pittsburgh - you can find unique tastes from the traditional flavors of the Pittsburgh immigrants & trendy from Conflict Kitchen

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