For the Love of Pineapples

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re: named pineapple dress
Do you have an obsession with something that you family knows about? My family knows that I have an affinity for pineapples. For years, this meant that every gift giving holiday was filled with pineapples. Pineapple plates, pineapple books, you name it, I’ve had a pineapple version of it. I was extremely happy to see that pineapples are back to the fashion scene in a big way.
My sister and I went shopping when we were in New York a few weeks ago and ended up with buying 2 pineapple print dresses. The prints are subtle, but for pineapple lovers, they are a little slice of pineapple heaven!
Did you know that pineapples mean welcome? One of my sister’s friends had large pineapples carved into pillars in their front driveway to welcome guest. The positive message of welcome made me fall in love with the right away!
Pineapple Dress
Outfit Details  
1 (1) Pineapple Outfit Pineapple Summer Outfit 6 (1)
Check out this print! Doesn’t it look like paint by number?! I just think it is the coolest thing ever!
8 (1) 3 (1) 4 (2)
Now, you can see them all over Instagram wearing cool sunglasses and as a huge party theme this year! I hope they stay on to so they continue to be easy to find in stores and online!
I picked out a few of favorite pineapple print pieces and home goods for you. Navy with white pineapples is a subtle way to incorporate pineapples into your work wardrobe. I have that black and white dress in pink. You can see it here in pink!
What is your favorite Pineapple item?

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