For Your Next Family Vacation, Avoid These 5 Mistakes

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For Your Next Family Vacation, Avoid These 5 Mistakes

You need a vacation, not just you, but the entire family. In some respects, all families are dysfunctional families. Healthy function doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes work. What’s more, a functional family today, can become dysfunctional  3533036590_45a83f2c10_otomorrow if you don’t keep working at it. Family time is not just a luxury; it’s a must. Family vacations are the stuff of lifetime memories. Be sure to make them good memories by avoiding these common mistakes:

Don’t Overpay

One of the worst vacation mistakes you can make is to overpay for your trip. You might have the time of your life. But the memories will be soured if it takes you a lifetime to pay it off. A vacation should never become the source of debt or stress or any kind. There are lots of ways to save money on a nice vacation.

  • There are plenty of timeshare companies willing to give you a free vacation just for listening to their pitch. In case you were wondering, those offers are legit. That’s how I got my last vacation, and my current timeshare.
  • Buy a timeshare. Not all timeshares are created equally. But one thing is universally true: They are all bad deals if you don’t use them. They are great money savers if you do. Welk Timeshare resorts are just one of many examples of hot deals you can find online right now.
  • You can do a house swap

The point is, there is always something you can do to knock a few hundred bucks from the cost of your next vacation. Take the time to look for those opportunities so that the bill is not the only thing you remember for a lifetime.


Don’t Underpay

Cheaping out on a vacation is almost as bad as paying too much. By underpaying, you are almost guaranteeing a subpar experience. A cruise is a good way to illustrate this. There is a vast difference in room quality from the lowest to the highest. For the difference of a couple hundred dollars, you will have a vastly different vacation just by not cheaping out.

Don’t Forget to Check the Weather

The reason birds fly south for the Winter is because it is warmer in the South. Birds are not very smart. But they’ve got that one figured out. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, don’t go to cold climates in the Winter, or hot climates in the Summer. If you are planning a beach vacation, try to avoid the rainy season. Southern California is nice all year. Other places require a bit more research before you book.

Don’t Try to Go Too Native

Sometimes, when you go to Mexico, you want to get the “real” tour. You know, the one where you go off the beaten path, eat what the locals eat, do what the locals do, and become one with the place. As a rule, that can only end in tears. You will find yourself lost, your wallet stolen, and your gut full of dysentery. It is okay to go a little native, but only with a trusted, and well paid guide.

Don’t Forget to Read the Reviews

Of course it looked great in the photo. Did you expect them to show you a photo of the dirt and insects you encountered. That’s why you have to read the reviews. This is true whether it is a Welk timeshare review site, or cruise ships vacations, or hotel reviews on Yelp, or vacation reviews on YouTube. There are lots of places to find reviews on the vacation you are planning to take. Ignore them at your peril.

Vacations are awesome. Family vacations are even better. Don’t be the Griswolds. Take a vacation worth remembering.

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  1. You should also check for vacation rentals at your destination if you are staying at least a week. You can get a better deal for a house or condo than a hotel room.


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