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Fun fashion isn’t limited to clothing and handbags. In fact, it shouldn’t be. If you’ve read a few of my posts, you know I’m all about fashion. I love the feeling of putting together a look and making it work with fun accessories. That includes glasses! Since I have to wear glasses, I figure I should make them just as much a part of my fun fashion looks as anything else, and with JCPenney, I can do that without breaking the bank. Because come on, glasses can be PRICE-Y.


The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul and the Windows to Fun Fashion

Glasses are something that are right out there in the open. You know immediately when a person is wearing glasses unless you also need them. šŸ˜‰ So why stick with boring and blah? That’s no fun. I LOVE to use my glasses as another accessory in my arsenal of fashionista fabulousness, but I also love to be frugal about it. And although my daughter does not wear glasses, she loves to get in on the act and help mommy pick out frames just like she helps pick out clothes. That’s why I always make a trip to JCPenney Optical a mommy/daughter outing.

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Fun Fashion with Glasses 101

The thing about glasses is that they make fantastic accessories. Like I said, who wants “blah” when you can have “booyah”? Have FUN with your glasses. Don’t just get the thinnest frames because you think no one will be able to tell you’re wearing them. And don’t get something that doesn’t accentuate your beauty. Think of glasses as a cute outfit for your face. Have fun with it!


Know Your Style

Fun fashion with your glasses begins the same way it does with your outfits. Know your style. Are you a sassy geek girl? Do you like your glasses to be as sultry as your little black dress? Maybe you’re a jeans kind of girl who wants just the slightest touch of pizzazz. The biggest key to getting a pair of rocking glasses is knowing what your look is.

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Don’t Overdo It

Even after you find your style, make sure you don’t overdo it. Have you ever watched a sewing show, and the nice little women bust out the quilted vests? You can sort of see where they were going with it. You can tell it might have been kind of cool. But then you can totally see where they went off the rails by going too far. You have to know where the line between bold and an ugly sweater on your face lies.

Take a Friend

Part of fashion fun is sharing it with friends. If you have a girlfriend who also wears glasses or who is just excited about accessorizing, bring her along. It’s always a mom and daughter affair when we hit JCPenney Optical, and it’s always a fun time. You would be surprised at how much fun shopping for frames can be when you get in the right mindset.

Don’t Overpay

There’s a reason I keep bringing up JCPenney Optical for fashion fun with your frames. They have fantastic looks, and they’re affordable. That’s the sweet spot. Sure, you can hit find fun glasses at pretty much every eye care store around. You will also pay out the nose at most of those places. At JCPenney, my mother and I find super fun frames at prices that make me as happy as the look does.

Fun Fashion at Price That’s Fun, Too

Fun fashion frames that don’t make you feel like you got sucker punched when you pay for them – that’s the sweet spot. That blissful nirvana of fashion and fiscal responsibility that we all devour like a starving man eating a four-course meal. There is nothing more satisfying. And that’s what you get at JCPenney Optical.


Big Labor Day Savings!

Right now at JCPenney Optical, you can score HUGE savings on fashion fun for your face! You’ll get 60% off one (1) pair of glasses when you take advantage of this sale running through 9/9/16. Don’t miss it!


Fun Fashion is All About the Look – From Head to Toe

If you wear glasses, don’t try to camouflage them, and don’t pick something blah. Make fun fashion a head-to-toe affair, and score some sass-tastic frames. If you have a daughter who wears glasses, she can get some killer, and fun fashion looks as well. Just remember my tips, and don’t forget to get your frames from JCPenney Optical. They make fun fashion affordable.

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