How to Stay Comfortable On the Go – Mom & Daughter Day

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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Rockport. I am a huge fan of the brand and am excited to share my opinions with you. 

My mom is a serious mover, and she makes me move more when she is around. Today, we spent the day running from morning until night. She came over before I took my first sip of coffee. That is usually a no-no for me, but this morning I was happy to get the day started so we could clean, cook and get some laundry out of the way!

How to Stay Comfortable On the Go

Get the Right Footwear

When my mom arrived this morning, I presented her with a new pair of Rockport suede bootie. They are called a truWALK zero Moreza Scallop Mudguard. She knows and loves the brand and was extremely excited to try them out. Of course, she deserves awesome new shoes so that she can put them on without thinking twice and forget about her feet for the rest of the day. Doesn’t that sound lovely?! She gleefully put them own and proceeded to give them a run for their money today.

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We began the day by doing some laundry and cleaning up my house. About every 5 minutes, I get a question about where something goes. She cannot sit still. It’s kinda insane how much my mom can walk! It is no wonder that she clocks about 20k steps per day! It’s madness!

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When she’s around, I get a lot more steps in too. Today, we food shopping for the week, cooked, cleaned and did laundry. I blew past 10k steps around 3 pm! Some days when I work at the mall styling fashion shows or I am being a super mom, I need a shoe that can be cute and comfortable all day. Today, I rocked my Total Motion flats from Rockport with my mom. These are my 2nd pair of total motion shoes, so I knew that they would hold up to the busy day.  The total motion flats did not let me down and kept me focused on my task and not my feet.

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Wear Clothes that Fit

When I am styling a fashion show or when my mom is working at a local department store, we always have to be able to bend and move when we need to. The best way to stay comfortable on the go is to wear clothes that will not slow you down. That means that they should fit properly because no one has time to be pulling up or down clothes while they are busy and on the go. You can figure out if clothes fit in a dressing room by sitting and bending while you are trying on the clothes. Of course, you can still be stylish when wearing pieces you can move in. My mother can bend move in her look, and my dress has pockets and does not cling giving me the ability to run after my toddler if necessary.

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We are excited to be working with such an excellent brand as they revitalize their image. Rockport’s new image will include a new website, new social media communications, new advertising, and marketing focus and a refreshed digital experience. They will make all these changes while remaining true to their authentic American heritage and passion around shoemaking and focusing on customers and their busy, on-the-go lives. I cannot wait to see everything that they are rolling out! 

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  1. I have always heard that Rockports are especially comfy for long days on your feet. Those flats are really cute. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.


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