Fun Mother’s Day Activities

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Fun Mother’s Day Activities

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We all love and appreciate our moms. From providing guidance and support to being a shoulder to lean on, moms can, and will, do it all. And while most of us would love to celebrate our mothers every single day, Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when moms get the pampering and attention they truly deserve. So if you’re looking for ways to commemorate Mother’s Day, keep reading to discover fun and original ideas, each of which will show your mom just how much you care.


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Outdoor Celebrations

Being from Seattle, I’m lucky enough to live in a city that features lots of outdoor activities. And since my mom and I share a love of nature, I always look for ways to combine special occasions with the great outdoors. What’s more, you can plan an outdoor celebration no matter where you live! Since Mother’s Day falls in the spring, you and your mother could enjoy great activities like the ones listed below:

  • A garden party. Either invite a few friends and family members, or plan an intimate celebration for two. Plan a simple meal, serve tea or cocktails, and don’t forget the fresh flowers and other low-key, tasteful touches.
  • A picnic. Plan a Mother’s Day picnic at your nearest park or public outdoor space. Fill your basket to the brim with picnic staples like finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers, lemonade and cupcakes, and enjoy the outdoors together.
  • A Mother’s Day hike. If your mom is the active type, a hike or stroll through nature could be the perfect way to celebrate this special day. Don’t forget to take lots of photos, so neither of you forget the fun you had.



Keep with Tradition

If you’re stumped on how to celebrate Mother’s Day, keep this fact in mind: the classics are classic for a reason. This year, you could keep with tradition and plan a celebration complete with dinner, a thoughtful card and other classic touches. Also, a traditional approach is great when distance is a factor, as cards and gifts can be sent via mail. A few great gift ideas include elegant picture frames, bath products and, of course, jewelry. And since flowers add a touch of classic elegance, having flowers delivered to your mother is a sweet, traditional way to show her how much you care.

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A Day of Pampering

What mom wouldn’t love a day at the spa? If you like the idea of getting pampered with your mom, plan a full day of beauty at your favorite spa or salon. A few great treatments you can both enjoy are manicures and pedicures, massages, facials, mud wraps, etc. And if you’d rather keep it more intimate, consider transforming your home into a spa for the day. Order takeout and treat your mom to classic spa treatments while you talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

Retail Therapy

Do you and your mother share a love of bargain hunting? If so, plan a shop-til-you-drop Mother’s Day celebration. Begin your day with breakfast or brunch, then hit the shops with a mission in mind…your mission, of course, being to celebrate your mom, your relationship and your shared love of shopping. End your retail therapy session with dinner, and, since it’s a special occasion, don’t forget to save room for dessert!

And there you have it: fun, interesting ways to commemorate Mother’s Day. With the ideas listed here, you’re bound to find the perfect way to celebrate the unique bond you have with your mother. Have fun, and happy Mother’s Day!


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