How to Get a Clean Bathroom this Spring

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Cleaning a bathroom is my least favorite cleaning task. With that being said, I just love a clean bathroom. You want to get clean in a clean space!

I have to admit to you that I have a cleaning lady that helps me keep my house clean, but she really focus on an overall clean and does not give it the really deep clean that I want for a spring clean.

How to Get a Clean Bathroom What you will need to get your bathroom exceptionally clean and ready for Spring 2016!!

Great Paper Towels – my fave is Viva® Paper Towels
Rubber Gloves
All Purpose Cleaner with Disinfectant
Glass Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner that works for tub and toilet
Double Sided Sponge Non-Scratching Sponge
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Brush
Cleaning Tooth Brush or Small Brush
Long Arm Duster
Scott® and Cottonelle® Toilet Paper

Clean Bathroom -3086

Dress for Success

Put your hair back and put on your cleaning clothes. I like old stretch pants and a old undershirt. Also, I like using gloves to keep my manicure fresh and hand soft. 🙂

Clean out the Space

Start by organizing and tidying. Get the laundry out of the space. Put all items in their place. Throw away empties and garbage. Organize as you go along. If you find something that does not belong in the bathroom, set it by the door so that you can put it away later. You don’t want to get distracted. Stay focused on the bathroom so you can have a clean bathroom.


Next, pre-treat the toilet and shower with the bathroom cleaner that works for both toilet and shower. The cleaner needs time to break down the grime on these surfaces.


Using the Long Arm Duster, Dust the walls, ceiling, and any vents.

Using paper towels, dust from high to low in the room. Look for dusty or dirty spots like your blinds, window sill, baseboards, going over every inch of the room so you don’t miss dirt.

Cleaning the Area Around the Sink

Spot clean the mirror in the mirror with window cleaner or water using a paper towel.

Split the counter top in 2 and do 1/2 at a time. Spray and soak the counter with all purpose cleaning. Clean the items on the first half as the counter soaks. Wipe and replace each item so that they are clean and tidy. Next, move on to the other side of the sink and do the same.

I use Viva® Vantage® to clean around the sink. It has a scrubby texture, like a terrycloth. They are great for getting stainless steel appliances and glassware to shine and scrubbing stovetops, patio furniture and other grimy surfaces. You can easily scrub toothpaste off bathroom counters with the strength and texture of Viva® Vantage®.

Wipe the cabinet doors and handles.

Medicine Cabinet

Lay out a paper towel on the sink and remove all items from the shelves. Wipe the shelves and then wipe all the items and put them away as you wipe them.

Clean the Toilet

Spray the entire toilet top to bottom using bathroom cleaner. Using toilet bowl cleaner, clean under the rim. Now, start wiping the toilet down using paper towels top to bottom, changing them often and paying close attention to places that you touch like the lid, seat, and flush handle. This is when paper towel use is most important. Use the toothbrush for hard to reach and small areas. Clean the bowl with a toilet bowl brush.

Clean Bathroom -3069Clean the Shower & Tub

Remove all items from the shower. Using the bathroom cleaner, clean the shower with a sponge.

For grout that needs so TLC, use the toothbrush or small brush with baking soda. Once done, rinse the shower wall and then squeegee off the excess water. You can use paper towels to get them shiny.

Use the sponge to clean the tub and rinse clean with the showerhead. Polish the tub and the metal fixtures with Viva® Vantage®.  Using these towels, shine stainless steel appliances with the scrubby texture.

Wipe off and replace all shower items. Make sure they are closed tight.

Change the Garbage

Take the trash out now and switch out the bags.

Clean the Floor

I find it best to wash by hand in such a small space with paper towels and vinegar and water mixture. Using a mop and bucket. It usually mix a little in the sink, so I don’t have to use an enormous bucket of water, or I will mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, so I don’t waste water at all.

Clean the Sink

I leave the sink to last so that just in case I might need water to clean everything else in the bathroom.

Stock the Bathroom

Stock the bathroom with toilet paper and paper towels instead of hand towels. I like using paper towels because they are more sanitary for my hands and face cleaning. I really love Viva® Paper Towels and for toilet paper, I use Scott® and Cottonelle®. Scott® 1000 bathroom tissue gives you the quality, performance and long-lasting value you want in 1,000 sheets. Only Cottonelle® has CleanRipple Texture, which is designed to clean better than the leading national value brand.

Clean Bathroom -3077I found everything that I needed to get a clean bathroom at Walmart this week! Give your home the proper post-winter refresh it deserves by stocking up on Viva®, Scott® and Cottonelle® products, available at Walmart, a one-stop shop for all your cleaning and organization essentials.

K-C Spring Cleaning Shopping List (Pinterest)_FINAL Spring Cleaning

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