How to Repair Damaged Hair

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Damaged hair is one of those things that no one really talks about, but the keen observer can pick up with a glance. I have been trying to repair the damage done to my hair with lots of coloring in the salon and also outside of it! I have put together a guide for you on how to repair damaged hair with tips and tricks on how to repair and prevent future damage.

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One of the important parts of repairing damaged hair is detecting the damage before it gets worse. You can start repairing damage by using a repairing shampoo and conditioner, washing your hair less, and stating to add repairing masks to your weekly routine. You can also start by implementing preventative damage measures today. This will prevent more damage and repair damaged hair.


Here are some of the preventative damage recommendations that I use and have been advised to use by my expert stylist!

Slow Down on Heat Styling

  • Slow down on the heat styling. Keep heat styling to a minimum and if you must, use hair styling tools on a low setting – 340 degrees and lower.
  • If you must dry your hair, use cool heat or allow hair to air dry instead.

Switch Your Pillows

  • Switch Out your cotton pillow cases for silk ones to avoid breakage in your sleep.

Salon Advice

  • Avoid Chemical processing or coloring for a bit.
  • Ask for Demi-Permeant Color and ask for advice on what color is best for damaged hair.
  • Ask for Salon Treatments
  • Get Dead Ends cut off monthly or as much as your stylist recommends

Choose Hair Products to Repair Damages Hair

  • Carefully select a shampoo and condition formulated for damaged hair like Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. Intensive Repair Therapy Shampoo reconstructs at the cellular level of hair, prevents split end and breakage, 5x smoother hair in one wash. You can enjoy weightless, beautiful hair without excess residue! Dove Intensive Repair Therapy Conditioner smooths, strengthens, and prevent split ends and breakage.
  • Wash your hair only twice per week and less if you can stand it. Shampooing too frequently can strip damaged hair and create brittleness.
  • In between shampoos, use a dry shampoo to make your hair last longer. I only wash twice per week and on the third hair day, I use Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo. I love the smell and it keeps me from shampooing too much.
  • Hot water can damage hair. I know it is tough – who doesn’t love a hot shower?! Wash your hair with lukewarm or cool water, and finish the shampoo process with cool water. Cool or cold water can help damaged hair by closing the hair cuticle and causing the hair shafts to lie flat, resulting in shinier, smoother hair.
  • Add a repairing mask to your routine. I really like the  Dove Intensive Repair Therapy Mask. It deeply restores and fortifies weak and damaged hair, while making hair smooth after every application.

I found everything needed to repair damaged hair at Walmart this week! You can find the  hair goodies here. We are extremely excited to have been able to put this together with the help of Walmart, Dove Hair, and of course, this is sponsored by Lunchbox.

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Now that I have shared my damaged hair tips, feel free to leave any questions or tips of your own below. Thanks!

Sharing is caring!

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