Gluten Free Cheese Platter

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Does everyone in you house a gluten sensitivity or allergy? We are dealing with lots of sensitivities and allergies in my household and have started to find different ways to eat gluten free. One of my favorite new thing that I have found are these gluten-free crackers called GOOD THiNS.


For snacks, we love serving this Gluten Free Cheese Platter with GOOD THiNS. They are such a great choice for snacking for the whole family. We love that GOOD THiNS offer an assortment of gluten-free varieties that are full of flavor. They are both nut-free and gluten-free.


GOOD THiNS are the perfect choice for snacking on their own or as part of a fun cheese platter for guests or on the weekend for snacking together as a family. This would also be a nice spread for a picnic or outdoor party this summer. 

What Goes on a Cheese Board?

Start with a nice platter or wood cheese board. 

Then, choose you cheeses. Since we are sharing with the family, I chose a drunken goat cheese that I knew my family loves. I also bought back up cheese because I know we can eat the a wedge very quickly. 

Next, add some salty items like olives or pickles. I chose my go to green Italian olives that both my daughter and I love! They have pits, but she is used to it so I am not worried. For other guests, I would choose pitted olives just for safety. 

Add some sweetness to the cheese platter. We went with peppers because are trying to avoid sugar. You don’t have to go the jam route if you don’t want to. Sweetness is relative. 

Last, add the crackers to the cheese platter. We chose GOOD THiNS because they are gluten free and nut free. They are great choice for people that are gluten-free or anything that is looking for a flavorful and fun cracker choice. 

You can GOOD THiNS at your local Walmart. It is so easy and convenient to pick up GOOD THiNS while doing your weekly grocery shop at Walmart. 

Grocery Pickup 

The best part of making this cheese platter is that you don’t have to go inside the store to shop. You purchase GOOD THiNS using Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick Up

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