Pool Lounging with SwimWays AquaLinx

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As a mom, finding time to relax is sooo rare and pretty much impossible when kids are around. That is why it was extremely shocking that the moment that I sat in the SwimWays AquaLinx, I immediately relaxed even with the kids all around us. If you are a mom, you know how impossible that seems. I promise you it is true and I am extremely impressed. 

SwimWays AquaLinx

The SwimWays AquaLinx floats are designed to ensure comfort, with a back support that allows you to sit upright. I think that the additional back support and just sitting in the water a little bit was the key to the magical relaxation feeling that came over me almost instantly when I sat down. The SwimWays mesh bottom that allows you to sit into the water just a bit and avoid sticking to or slipping on the float. You can order the floats here on Amazon or get the in-store at Target

Cup Holders AquaLinx

The cup holders built into the AquaLinx float are also a fantastic feature that takes the relaxation to the next level so that you don’t have to get out the water or the pool to enjoy a drink. Stay hydrated while you are relaxing with your friends or have a cocktail in the pool too! It definitely took the comfort of me and my guests up a notch. Simply line up the cup holders to connect each float together to float with your family and friends!

Connecting Floats 

The cupholders also allow the floats to be linked together. You can sit in a circle and gab as though you are at a dinner table enjoying each others conversation. SwimWays AquaLinx have the ability to connect with each other in order to allow multiple people to float together.

Float Colors 

The SwimWays AquaLinx floats are made of strong fabric covered flotation provides long-lasting usability for years of floating. They come in a blue with yellow; turquoise, pink, and yellow; and purple, turquoise, and yellow.  
I cannot wait for my next float day with my friends. At this moment, all the SwimWays AquaLinx are in my car waiting to be used for the weekend when return to my friends pool. Relaxation in the pool here we come! 

When you are blowing up the SwimWays AquaLinx, I recommend reading the directions before you start. It will take you longer if you don’t read the direction first. The Aqualinx is conveniently available for purchase this summer in-store at Target and online at Amazon!

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