Good Samaritan Medical Center Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites

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Giving birth and starting motherhood is a magical experience that you can start off in style, color, and comfort with the Lilly Pulitzer Labor and Delivery Suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center. Today, I am excited to dive deeper into the experience at Good Sam. 

This blog post is sponsored by Good Samaritan Medical Center. All opinions are my own.

Lilly Pulitzer Waiting Room

How to Book the Lilly Suite 

Your experience with  Lilly Pulitzer Labor and Delivery Suites starts with a call to Kelli Bergstrom Clinical Nurse Manager of the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center. You can call 561-650-6386 here and they will be able to book the Lilly suite for you and guide you with the process of giving birth in the world of Lilly. 

All the rooms available for giving birth at Good Sam are Labor, Delivery, and Recovery rooms. That means that you can labor, deliver, and recover in the same room without having to be moved all over the place during your birthing experience. 

Booking the suite is based on your due date and can be done when you start your third-trimester of pregnancy.

Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites

3 in ONE – Labor, Delivery, and Recovery Room

There are two Lilly VIP Suites available which must be reserved in advance and are available on a first come, first serve basis. All the Labor, Delivery, and Recovery Rooms (1 room) are of amazing quality and the care is top notch.

Since all the Labor, Delivery, and Recovery Rooms (1 room) are of amazing quality and the care is top notch, you will have excellent care no matter what room you are in. 

All of the nurses at Good Samaritan are top notch and are trained in supporting mom’s with their lactation if you want to breastfeed. There is also a lactation consultant that can help you feed your baby. 

Lilly Hospital

Level 2 Neonatal Unit

Good Sam also has a Level 2 Neonatal Unit just in case your child needs extra care from 30 weeks and beyond. Here is more information about the care at the Lilly Suites and more pics too. 

Good Sam’s Concierge Service

The Lilly Suites comes with concierge service as part of staying in the room. You get access to the Concierge who has an awesome menu and comes by to take your order. There is lobster on this menu too. Since Good Sam caters to Palm Beach Island, they have a concierge on site that caters to all the needs of the upper level of the hospital. 

When Good Sam created the Lilly Suites, the brought the concierge service down to the maternity ward.

Daddy’s Tempurpedic Bed 

When I gave birth, my husband’s bed in the room was extremely uncomfortable and I had to listen to him moan about his back hurting. That is not the case in the Lilly Suite. 

Soon to be moms, this is the way you can sell the Lilly Suite to your significant other. They have a tempurpedic mattress in the pull out couch. It is full size and is extremely comfortable. Maybe even more comfortable than the mama’s bed!

Room with a View 

The Lilly Suites overlook Palm Beach Island – the birthplace of Lilly Pulitzer brand. You can imagine Lilly with her lemonade stand coming up with her prints to hide the lemonade stains. It is truly magical and a one of a kind experience.

Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suite Cost

The cost of the birthing suite is $1500 total not per day. They reserve 5 days for you so that you can have the space and time to recover with your new bundle of joy. 

The amount of time that is needed to stay in the room is typically 3 days, but 5 are booked just in case.  

Lilly Pulitzer Gifts 

Not only do you get to stay in this amazing room, but you also leave the hospital with Lilly Pulitzer Gifts! 

You get this Lilly mommy bag with a gift card to get it customized at the Lilly Pulitzer Worth Avenue store. 

New moms get to bring home their Lilly Pulitzer hospital robe. It is super cute and comfy. 

The new baby gets a Lilly Pulitzer stuffed toy too and possibly more based on availability! 

Lilly Pulitzer Family Approved 

The rooms were created with the brand and one of the artists from Lilly Pulitzer actually did the mural in the suite. Lilly Pulitzer’s granddaughter actually visited the suites and said that they reminded her of her childhood room. If that is not a seal of approval, I don’t know what is! 

Have you booked your Lilly Pulitzer Suite yet? 


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