Apalus Hair Brush Straightener Review

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My first impression of the Apalus Hair Brush Straightener is pretty positive. It is really easy to use and straightens hair pretty quickly. I don’t think that I can get my hair as straight as I would be able to with a good straightening flat iron. I probably will not use it every day, but I like that I have it if I am looking to calm my wavy hair down before running out the door.


I really like it leaves the hair with some volume in it after straightening. If you have straightened your hair with a flat iron, you know that the volume gets sucked out your hair along with the waves. 

Before I started using the Apalus hair brush straightener, I used heat protective spray (not oil). This is my fave right now: It’s A 10 Leave In Product

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Apalus Hair Straightener Brush heats up really quickly so you don’t have to waist time waiting. This hair brush straightener heat up to 365℉ (180℃) in a minute, max 450℉ (230℃), auto keep constant temperature at 365℉(180℃), your hair will be basically settled in 8-10 seconds.

Here is the tempature guide the brand recommends:

Auto constant temperature at 365℉ for delicate colored fine hair (Color treated hair is around here too)
Customized set 410℉ for natural texture hair;
Customized set 450℉ for thick or wavy hair;
(Centigrade to Fahrenheit convert: press “+””-“at same time)

You can pick up the Apalus Hair Brush Straightener HERE: http://amzn.to/1oe42Fz

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