Swimsuit Styles for Curvy Women 

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The thought of wearing a bathing suit in front of people is terrifying for me. I try to hide my legs because I have stretch marks from when I was pregnant and gained about sixty pounds from having Gestational Diabetes. Somehow my stomach did not get any stretch marks, but my thighs and bottom did.

Even with the feeling of shame about my stretch marks, I still want to have fun with my husband and daughter in the water. In Florida, you really cannot avoid being in a bathing suit. My go to place for bathing suits and moderate coverage bikini bottoms has always been Target. I might not fit into everything in the section anymore, but there is still a ton of choices that do fit me. Have you seen the Target bathing suit section? It’s massive! I tried on about 12 bathing suits and came home with 5 and a few extra bottoms that I can wear with some of the tops I already have.






While trying on the bathing suits and seeing myself look pretty darn good in them, I realized that my stretch marks are beginning to fade. I feel ready for summer activities and am ready with a #NOFOMO attitude (No Fear of Missing Out). I am taking the #NOFOMO pledge to enjoy the summer and not worry about my body issues. I am super excited to play at the beach with my daughter and dog. We have incredible splash pad parks in Boca Raton, and I’ll be running through them with confidence in pursuit of my extremely active toddler, who keeps me on my toes!!







Here are some great ideas for Swimsuit Styles for Curvy Women:

Women’s Flyaway Tankini Top oby Merona and Women’s Hipster Bikini Bottom by Xhilaration™


Women’s Mixed Stripe Halter Tankini Top and Women’s Side Stripe Boy Short Bikini Bottom both by Mossimo


Women’s Mesh Inset One Piece by Mossimo


#NOFOMO is all about embracing the season with no reservations, just confidence! There should be nothing holding us back from the best summer ever!!  When taking the #NOFOMO pledge, it helps to talk or write about how much fun you will be having while confidently rocking your new bathing suit. I know how tough it can be, but trust me, if I can do it with my stretch marks and belly, you can do it too!!


Sharing is caring!

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