Hats Off to The Artist

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And the WInner is...the Artist



Don’t let the silence stop you from seeing The Artist as it definitely will not stop the film from winning Oscars this upcoming weekend.  The movie was amazing!  I laughed almost as much as I cried.

The wardrobe was fantastic and a true portrayal of the way women dressed in the late 1920s.  The movie brought up a fashion issue that I have been considering recently.  Why don’t people wear hats anymore?  The entire population was wearing them during both the Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men eras.  That was not that long ago!  Considering the health benefits of these sun shields, I am surprised that hats haven’t made a come back.  I intend to find out why hats went the way of the dodo bird and to make my best effort to bring them back.  Look out for more posts featuring hats.  Also, feel free to share your hat disappearance theories.

And the Winner is…the Artist by aprilgolightly


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