Head Kandy Commitment Issues Air Brush

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The Head Kandy Commitment Issues Air Brush is amazing brush dryer and the only hair dryer you will ever need. I LOVE it!

Head Kandy Commitment Issues Air Brush

Commitment Issues Interchangeable Air Brush comes with five different interchangeable brush heads, two speeds and three heat settings.

It is ideal for all hair types. With ONLY one tool, you are able to straighten, curl and add body, volume, movement and texture while drying hair quickly.

Head Kandy Commitment Issues Air Brush

What You Get

  • Commitment Issues Interchangeable Air Brush
  • Large round brush attachment
  • Nozzle attachment
  • Round brush attachment
  • Large paddle brush attachment
  • Small flat brush
  • User’s manual
  • Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty

What It Does

  • Ergonomic design with effortless temperature adjustment and 360 degree swivel cord
  • Indirect heat helps minimize damage, while negative ions help to tame frizz, add shine and smooth hair for the perfect blowout
Head Kandy Commitment Issues Air Brush


  • Large Round Brush Attachment: Ideal for the perfect blowout; effortlessly helps to add body, movement, volume and texture
  • Nozzle Attachment: Works much like a diffuser; it will blow dry the outside of hair, enhancing natural waves and curls
  • Small Round Brush Attachment: Use to add a slight curl and texture to hair
  • Large Paddle Brush Attachment: Helps achieve a quick blow dry and maintain manageability
  • Small Flat Brush: Helps to relax curls; perfect for straightening
Head Kandy Commitment Issues Air Brush

Good to Know

  • To remove a brush head, wait until it cools, press the button at the top of the base that says “PUSH”, then twist to unlock.
  • Brush heads may be washed using soap and water. Do not attempt to wash brush heads while they are attached to the base. Remove the brush head from the base prior to cleaning. To clean the base, wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Do not use the large round boar bristle brush head until your hair is 80% dry.

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