How to Wear a Sweater Dress

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This black sweater dress is inspired and amazing!! I feel in love with it right away and I knew I needed to share how to wear a sweater dress

how to wear a sweater dress

I started with accessories like the super cute earrings and pearl necklace that pair perfectly with every look that I am wearing in this post.

Pearl Necklace

Sweater Dress to Work

This black sweater dress is form fitting and probably would not be appropriate for most offices on its own. However, you can add a nice blazer and pumps to make it work appropriate. 

You can also add a long cardigan to cover the form fit of a body con sweater dress to the office.

If you have a sweater dress that fits a little loser than the one pictured, you can easily wear it work on its own without a blazer or a cardigan. It really depend on how casual or professional your office is.

how to wear a sweater dress for work

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Sweater Dress to Dinner 

Grab a cute pair of black leather ankle booties and wear this dress to dinner. I love these boot because of the little dip in the front make them more flattering that a straight black leather boot that cuts off your ankle.

You can also wear this knit dress with high boots or knee boots for cold days.

If you want to have a fun time time you can add a pop of color with white or red ankle boots.

Black Sweater Dress with Booties

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Run Errands Sweater Dress

On a mild day, a comfy pullover dress can be a great chic run errands look with leopard flats. You can even run after a child in this dress on cool day. 

Sweater Dress with Flats

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Favorite Sweater Dresses

Here are some of my favorite classic dress brands. 

Daily Ritual from Amazon has high quality dresses for reasonable prices.

Leith from Nordstrom is one of my go to places to get basic quality dresses. The one in the photos in this post is from Leith.

Layer with a Scarf 

You can layer your knit dress with a nice warm scarf and jean jacket for cold days. 

You can slo choose a dress style scarf to dress up the sweater dress as well. In winter, you can use a velvet scarf.

Wear with a Vest 

You can layer your knitted dresses with a nice vest. My favorite casual vest is a khaki green one. This is my traveling vest. I always grab for it when I am packing for cold weather trips. 

You can also wear a sweater dress with a dress vest like this. I think of this vest like a blazer vest. It is great for warmer climates where wearing a blazer seems crazy!

Accentuate a Waist with belt 

Belt your sweater dress to create or accentuate a waist. I love the GG Gucci belt or an Hemes Belt. If full price for one of these designer belts seems crazy, you can get a used one on The Real Real. 

Boots and Tights 

You can add a pair of fun tights with a knit dress with boots. 

Also, if you are really cold, but still want to wear a dress, wear your black leggings under your sweater dress as tights. 

Sharing is caring!

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