How to Feel Confident Wearing Sleeveless Tops

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Summer will be here before you know it. The HEAT is coming! The Horror!! Here is a great guide on How to Feel Confident Wearing Sleeveless Tops this Summer.

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With heat comes the dreaded sleeveless top. I don’t know about you, but I always sweat more when wearing sleeveless tops.

Also, I am slightly self-conscious of how large my arms look in photos. That is why I want to tell you about my new secret weapons against feeling self-conscious in sleeveless tops.

Stop Sweating So Much

Let’s start with the increased sweating. I am not sure if it is the top itself or just that you wear sleeveless tops when it is hotter outside. Gotta remember to research that question. This is my go to deodorant choice because it lasts the longest.



I know how hot it is, but layering with a cute vest helps create visual interest. It draws the eye away from your arms.

The mixing of prints and solids also helps the keep busy so that arms are the last thing on people’s mind. Also, with the vest over your short sleeve top, you will feel covered up even though your arms are out.

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Big Accessories

Pull attention away from your arm by wearing big scarves or big statement necklaces.

Like the vest, it draws attention away from your arms so that you are looking at the big accessory and not your arms.

Big accessories bring the attention to the bigness of the necklace or scarf making your arms look small in comparison. 🙂

Mixing Prints

Mixing prints together is one of my favorite things to do. When it successful, people are blown away.

The concept is similar to what I have been talking about with the other tips. Basically, you are distracting people with something interesting and pulling attention away from your arms.

When you look at this outfit, the last thing you are thinking about is my arms.

Arm Positioning in Photos

The other thing about wearing sleeveless tops is that your arms are exposed. The thing about arms is that they just add weight if they are next to your body and the camera is head-on. You have a few options to hide your arms in a sleeveless top when taking photos. First, turn slightly to the side and give the arm facing the camera a slight bend or you can place it on your waist (like the movie stars) and then place your other arm slightly behind you. This gives the illusion of smaller arms. You don’t even have to have larger arms to do it, the movie stars are the ones that do it the most, and they have person trainers to keep their arms looking fabulous!

Here are some ideas on how to pose your arm to make them look slimmer.

Who Cares!!?

At the end of the day, some photos are great even if your arms don’t look perfect! The point is to have fun and relax!

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Dove Antipersperant (12 of 12)

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