Heidi Hess

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Heidi Hess is an amazing designer of hand-loomed sweaters. The fabric is hand-loomed in New York and feels like a dream. I tried on so many pieces just so that I could keep touching the fabric without having to pet the sweaters on the rack. Regardless, I ended up petting some on the rack as well as while I was trying them on.





I met the designer, Heidi Hess at the trunk show at Alene Too! in the Boca Raton Beach Resort and Spa . She is a sweat heart who loves designing.

I loved everything that I tried on, but the purple sweater jacket was by far my favorite of the bunch. I probably would have tried more and fallen in love with other pieces if I did not have my baby bump.



Julie Mullen of The Buzz Agency tried on the sweater tank dresses that looked amazing on her. I hope to be able to wear one of Heidi’s dresses after I have the baby. Maybe I can convince Heidi to make me a maternity version.



I found these amazing shoes at Alene Too! I might have to go back to get them as they look awesome with my flower tiara.



Which Heidi Hess piece is your favorite?

Sharing is caring!

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