11 Things to Do When You Become an Adult

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As you grow up, it becomes much harder to avoid responsibility. The days of staying up late and playing video games are over. OR is it? LOL

You have bills to pay, responsibilities at work, and a family that needs your attention.

It is not just the parents who need to prepare for this transition into adulthood; children should be aware too! Here are 11 things that you will need to know to adult like a pro even if you have already been adult for 20 years!

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1. Talk About Insurance

It’s difficult to think about life after the life of your child. You want them to be able to live on, and that is why you will need life insurance for parents.

You should start thinking about this before there is an actual need because life changes quickly and without warning sometimes.

When one partner passes away suddenly, those left behind may find themselves struggling financially unless they had life insurance set up already with proper coverage amounts implemented into such policies.

This article dives into 6 Key Questions You Should Ask your parents about life insurance.

2. Keep a Calendar

Find a calendar system that works for you. It could be as simple as using the reminders app on an iphone but can become difficult when working with different devices such as PCs, where it is more challenging to keep track of work-related items.

Decide how much time you need each week or month in order to accomplish everything on your list and plan accordingly so there will not be any surprises after already having made plans set out ahead of time!

3. Look at Your Money

Checking your bank account daily can be really scary in the beginning. But, with time and practice it will become less terrifying.

4. Open Your Bills & Pay Them

I am saying that it’s a good idea for everyone open and read their bill thoroughly every month so they know how much they owe and when the payment due dates are.

We all need financial records like our bank statements in order to manage our finances effectively because erroneous charges do happen!

Therefore as part of my monthly routine which involves checking email inboxes making sure any rented movies haven’t been returned yet paying those overdue utility bills etc.

5. Show Up On Time

Chronic lateness can be a serious inconvenience for other people and is also not great for the late person. It would suck to feel rushed and anxious, or have to apologize once again after being tardy.

So start by identifying how long it takes you from point A to B as well as how quick tasks take you in order to become more punctual overall instead of having “emergencies” everyday that are never emergencies at all!

6. Pick Up the Phone

If a problem could be solved by picking up your phone and placing a call… pick up the damn phone.

Plenty of things these days can’t be done without making calls, thank goodness. But some things just have to get done via text message. I mean: you cannot ignore important tasks because they cannot happen that way!

7. Get Some Sleep

Do not binge watch TV and complain you are tired all day. Get some good rest so you can face the day like an adult.

8. Stop Saying the Wrong Thing

Clean up your vocabulary and learn what is and is not appropriate to say. You are an adult that can learn the right word choice – DO BETTER! Learn how to say the right thing here.

9. Make a Will

Let’s say something absolutely horrible happens and your family is left wondering/arguing about what you would want them to do. Having a living will (which can be called an advanced health care directive in some states, BTW) isn’t really about you; it’s for the sake of your loved ones because they won’t have that awful experience where they’re looking back on how much their last actions hurt others.

It prevents this from happening by putting down all of the important preferences, like medical treatment and end-of-life issues while we still know exactly what we’d prefer before things get bad enough that our memory starts fading away!

10. Make & Keep Doctors Appointments

Make all your doctors appointments for everything you need including a yearly physical, dentist, gyno, dermatologist, eye doctor, etc…. You can eg Get Stylish Glasses for Less here.

11. Floss

Not flossing is terrible for your teeth and can lead to increased plaque, harmful bacteria growth in the mouth. The most serious consequence of not flossing however lies at a more insidious level: gums will become inflamed (gum disease) which could eventually cause bone loss around the tooth roots leading to losing teeth over time!

Brushing only cleans about two-thirds of one’s oral cavity so it’s important that you also brush up on how you take care of those hard-to-reach spots by using dental floss once or twice everyday as well!

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  2. I completely agree with all the points, but it seems to me that you need to keep a calendar in your teens or even earlier, as it helps a lot to organize your day correctly. I myself constantly keep a calendar, so I recommend that you start keeping it. I can even share with you a very good site where there are many calendars for printing, I’m sure you will like this site


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