How Much Does Botox Cost!?

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The area where I live, more than half the women I know get Botox. It’s totally a normal thing here, but most people still don’t really talk about it. I suppose that they don’t want to admit that they are getting older and want to maintain the beauty of their youth. Actually, that’s part of the reason why I’ve been having a hard time getting started with this post. Even though, I am very open about it with my friends, we still talk about in hush tones. Today, I opening yet another door into my life. I love botox, yes, I do! Where are my pom poms!?

Since botox is in the cosmetic category, normally you would think that the botox cost would be out of your price range. For most, it truly is not! It is totally doable and I put aside money for it! Considering all the money spent on creams and trying to keep wrinkles at bay, this is something that definitely works and you only really need to do it every 6 months!

For me, I want to have some movement and don’t want to complete freeze my face. If you want that look, go for it. I like to express some emotions. The places that I focus the botox is my forehead, elevens (in between the brows aka frown lines), and on the corners of my eye (aka crow feet). I have been doing botox on and off since about 27 years old (almost 10 years). This has prevented the lines on my face from becoming permanent wrinkles. Now that I am in late 30s, I usually get shocked noises when I tell people my age. My sister is 9 years younger and people think we are the same age! It is a pretty awesome feeling and helps boost my confidence. That’s what it is really about for me, I want to feel confident.


Soo…drum roll please…how much does Botox Cost?

It depends!!

For me, I pay about $600 every 6 months. Since I do all 3 areas (crows feet, elevens, and forehead), then the units are shared between these areas. The best price that I have found for Botox in South Florida is LABB Beauty Bar. It’s only $11 per unit! They have locations in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. They have super cute offices, excellent plastic surgeons (aka Injectors), and they are open late and on the weekend!


LABB gave me a discount on their services to try them out to see if I liked them. I am not required to promote them, but chose to because everything was lovely and worked great!

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