Pet Food Made By Pet People

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CANIDAE® Under The Sun®. As always, all opinions are my own. This Pet Food is awesome and I think you will love it as much as I do. 

My pup, Harrison Ford is my best friend and my work partner. Since I work from home, he hangs out with my all day ever day keeping me warm and feeling very loved. He’s the best and he deserves the healthiest yummiest food on earth! He had been avoiding eating his dog food and waiting for a better off from me. Where is the steak mommy!?

When CANIDAE Under The Sun approached with me to work with them, I delved into their site and did my research online. I am extremely impressed by their love for animals and how awesome the food is. They are grain free, potato free, no corn, wheat, or soy. Their pet food is made with farm-fresh ingredients, wholesome fruits and veggies, single animal proteins. Whoa and they are Budget-friendly. CANIDAE Under The Sun knows what’s up and I am super excited to be feeding this awesome food to my BFF, Harrison Ford.

Pet Food Made By Pet People

At CANIDAE® Under The Sun®,  they focus on putting quality ingredients into pet food. CANIDAE® Under The Sun® has only single animal proteins like lamb, chicken, or whitefish paired  with a bounty of fruits and vegetables like carrots, peas, butternut squash, pumpkin, blueberries, and more. From ranches found on the plains of Wyoming, to waterways in the Pacific Northwest—and even lamb meal from New Zealand or duck meal from France—they source only the best ingredients.

Harrison Ford Loves CANIDAE® Under The Sun®

Harrison Ford loses his mind over this food. It makes me to happy to see him get this excited about dog food. Usually, he only gets excited to lick a human plate clean. While I was getting the bowl, Harrison dove into the bag and was chowing down. Impatient little guy!!! What can I say?! He’s a big fan!

Awesome ingredients and a dog that is excited to eat…that’s all I am looking for! If you are on the hunt for a new food to feed your pet, give CANIDAE Under The Sun a try. Get a deal on your CANIDAE® Under The Sun® HERE: $10 off offer. $5 off the first bag, $3 off a second bag, and $2 off cans/cups.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CANIDAE® Under The Sun®.

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