How to Buy Pants for a Curvy Body

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The gap between my back and typical pant waists has been a lifelong struggle and a sartorial money pit as well! Despite media boasts of big booties being in, such as the one’s belonging to J-Lo and Beyonce, my personal battle continues. Few designers have catered to the clothing needs of the bootylicious. While Beyonce has tailored her jeans to fit those who “got back”, the needs of “real” women that don’t hit the club every weekend are still widely ignored.

The good news is the times are changing as designers finally wake up to the fullness of female anatomy. Ann Taylor recently released amazing suit pants that meet the needs of the curvy body type. Levi Strauss and Co. design jeans for the wide variety of seat sizes. It is my hope that these are just the vanguard of a curvy revolution, a portent of positive trends to come from fashion houses across the globe. So cheers to all the curvy women that could not find a decent pair of pants to save their lives, for we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Sharing is caring!

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