How to Choose Art for Living Rooms

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The walls in my house have been bare or covered with art from my old apartments. Since I moved into this house, I have been having indecision paralysis about how to decorate. This would probably still be the case if I hadn’t found Minted. I discovered them last year when I made my Christmas Cards and my mom’s yearly calendar. They do great work and I knew that I could trust them with my walls!

Grouping Photos 

Minted has the art laid out so that it is simple to put together a collage of your wall. I dove straight into the blue section and fell in love with the watercolor Sky Pebbles. Then, I looked for paintings that would complement the colors. I found a layout that I liked on the Minted website too! I can’t wait to get it up on the wall next week.

sky pebbles

Art helps pull a room together. You can add color accents throughout that matches the art. We chose ocean colors as a theme to match a large photo we plan to put in the dining room. My goal for the first floor is to have white, gray and blue as the main colors. I have been focusing my purchases and decorating around these colors. Since I don’t have all the money in the world, I am buying in pieces slowly as I save money.

Here is what I picked for the living room to go over the couch and tie into our ocean theme.

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Here is what I am considering for the first floor bathroom. Let me know your thoughts because I haven’t purchased them yet.

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