How to Do Laundry Better

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As a mom of a toddler and small dog, I know that it is nearly impossible to keep our clothes clean throughout the day. The best way that I have found to keep my clothes fresh and new is by laundering my household’s clothes using this method. TIDE PODS® are helping me keep everything clean in my household. Everything from potty training accident stains to mud prints gets cleaned without any problems using TIDE PODS®. 

tide pods-7457Start by checking the tags on the clothes to see if they require special care. Sometimes it is written out in words and sometimes there are a bunch of symbols indicating how to care for an item of clothing. Here is a full guide on how to read symbols.

How to Read Symbols

Sort Clothes into colors, white, darks, delicates and towels.

Empty Pockets.

Spot Clean heavy stains.

Add TIDE PODS® into the wash BEFORE clothes. Use one pod for a normal load and 2 pods to get a large load of laundry unbelievably clean.

tide pods-7463-2 tide pods-7458

tide pods-7481 tide pods-7486

Select the Water Tempature. When in doubt, use cold water.
However, Tide pods can be used in both warm and cold water! 🙂

tide pods-7478Add clothes to the washer, but make sure not to overstuff.

tide pods-7494Start the washer.

When clothes come out, shake them out and check on stain to make sure they were removed before tumbling dry the items that can be dried using the dryer.

Choose a tempature based on the instructions. When in doubt, dry on low or lay flat to dry.


Sharing is caring!

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