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This was sponsored by Brita but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

During the summer time, I am especially concerned about keeping my family and friends hydrated. The sun is extremely hot and you can easily become dehydrated without realizing it. I usually buy bottle water for my guests, but I am trying to be more earth conscience. Did you know that by drinking filtered water, you can reduce the amount of plastic bottles that ends up in landfills and oceans. In fact, every filter used means 300 standard 16.9 oz plastic bottles saved. That is just amazing and worth drinking out of pitcher rather than an individual water bottle.

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Have you seen how cute the Brita® pitchers are now? I bought a fabulous Mini Plus pitcher at Albertson’s last week. Brita is all about making improvements in all aspects of life; and that philosophy extends into ensuring every drop of water is thirst-quenching and amazing to drink. This summer, they have teamed up with NBA all-star Stephen Curry and Albertson’s Grocery to raise awareness about the importance of making changes and improving your quality of life as a result. Follow #FuelwithBrita on social media see what people are sharing.

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Brita makes more than one thing better:

  • Better Water: better tasting and better for you. Brita reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, and other contaminants, to deliver great-tasting water while removing impurities that can cause illness over time.
  • Better Health:drinking more water helps you boost your immune system, consumer less sugar, lose weight and sleep better. It is especially important for infants, children and breastfeeding moms.
  • Better World: : by drinking filtered water, you are reducing the amount of plastic bottles that end up in our landfills and oceans. 1 Brita filter used = 300 plastic bottles saved.
  • Better Value: with every sip, you are saving costs on water. The estimated annual cost for a Brita pitcher is $89 compared to $1,034 estimated annual costs of buying bottled water.

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I made some cute lemon rounds to put in the water glasses during my summer party. They are extremely easy to make.

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Lemon Rounds Cubes

Ingredients & Tools 
2 Lemons
Sharp Knife
Clean Cupcake tray
Brita Filtered Water

Slice Lemons in to rounds.

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Place each lemon round in the cupcake tray.

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Pour Brita filters water into the cupcake tray.

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Place the cupcake tray in the freezer.

Serve the ice cubes in a ice bucket.

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