Everything You Need To Know About How To Eat Whole30

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One of the biggest health trends that just took off recently is Whole30. So what is Whole30 and how do you follow the plan? This is your beginner’s guide and will answer all your questions!

Everything You Need To Know About Whole30

We are going to explore everything about Whole30 – what it is, where to find recipes, Whole30 Rules, and learn about the Whole30 food list.


What is Whole30?

The creators of Whole30 started it as a month-long challenge, to help people break their addiction to sugar. They never wanted it to be a diet. In fact, they prefer to call it a “Whole30 Program.”

According to the creators, the Whole30 Program is a way to reset your body and create a healthy relationship with food. It was never meant as a way to lose weight. They didn’t want to create another fad diet.

The Whole30 is a program carefully created to help people begin eating real, whole foods, and cut out processed sugars and other food groups that have a negative impact on health.

The Whole30 Food List

Next, let’s look at what is on the Whole30 food list. What can you eat on Whole30? The list of what foods are allowed is a lot longer than the foods that are restricted. Basically, eat real food. Avoid boxed foods with ingredients you cannot pronounce.

You can eat:

  • moderate portions of meat, seafood, and eggs
  • lots of vegetables
  • some fruit
  • tons of natural fats, herbs, spices, and seasonings



  • All added sugar – real or artificial. Do not consume any honey or syrups of any kind.
  • Alcohol in all forms
  • All grains
  • Legumes
  • Dairy
  • Baked goods or junk food created with “approved” ingredients. This is because the goal of the program is to re-train our relationship to food. Food should be fuel, not treats or an emotional reaction.

Whole30 Diet – It is A Program NOT a Diet

Because Whole30 is so similar to other diets out there – like Paleo and Keto – people tend to want to call it a Whole30 Diet. But the creators of the program even tell you to place not step on a scale or take any body measurements while on the program. You can learn all about how to eat paleo here.

Why is Whole30 NOT a diet? Because if we are going to create a healthy relationship with food, we must not treat it as something that will make us fat or thin. Food is fuel, not a treat and not something that makes us fat.

So many people are addicted to sugar – both physically and emotionally. Our bodies crave the easy-to-digest sugars. But our unhealthy eating habits are making us sick. We need to break that addiction and eat the food that helps our bodies run like they should.

The Whole30 Program is a reset button for your body and a way to learn how to eat so you feel and live your best.

How To Succeed At Whole30

Now that you understand what Whole30 is and what is on the Whole30 food list, let’s look at how to stick with Whole30 so you can change your lifestyle.

Do It With Someone

The first thing you need to do is find someone – or even a small group of people – to participate in the program with you. Cutting out all sugars is extremely difficult, especially when everyone around you is eating them constantly! Plus, your body is going to experience withdrawal symptoms.

You need a support system where everyone encourages each other. You will have a higher chance of succeeding if you do it with someone.

Have a Prep Day

The next way to succeed is to do all your prep work in one day for the week ahead. You are going to be eating a lot of vegetables and there will be days when you don’t feel like dicing some carrots or slicing squash. If you prepare everything ahead of time, you cut out excuses!


Pineapple Cubes

Don’t Eat Out If You Can Help It

This is the most difficult part – but if you can, try not to eat out. There are honestly hardly any restaurants that have sugar-free options! You will be stuck with lettuce greens with vinegar and oil every single time.

If You Accidentally Eat Sugar, Keep Going

My final piece of advice – don’t let an accidental consumption of sugar (in the marinade of a grilled chicken that you didn’t know about) be an excuse that allows you to quit the program. It will happen. Just make sure the next meal follows the program.

Whole30 Vs Keto: Are They The Same?

Nope! Whole30 is not Keto – even though there are some similarities. Whole30 has absolutely no focus on carbohydrates or even weight loss.

Yes, they both cut out sugars and processed foods. But that is where the similarities end.

On Keto, you consume cheese. In fact, many Keto recipes have lots of cheese. On Whole30 you should not consume dairy in any form. On Whole30 you can have sweet potatoes! But that’s a carb, so on Keto you try to avoid them.


Basically, Keto tracks carbohydrates so induce weight loss. Whole30 is a program that focuses on eating whole foods and cutting the addiction to sugar by eliminating it entirely.

Where To Find Whole30 Recipes

This is the easy part! The creators of the program created their own Whole30 Cookbook. It has tons of amazing meal ideas along with tips and tricks for sticking with the program. You can also find and follow a TON of Whole30 Pinterest boards.

Here are some of the Whole30 recipes from April Golightly: 

What else did you want to know about Whole30? I hope this answered all your questions. Pin the post and share it with your friends!

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