How to Master the 90s Revival Look

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How to Master the 90s revival look

There’s no doubt about it, there’s a definite 90s revival going on. Of course, most eras have been the subject of the nostalgia of fashion, and right now it’s time for the 90s to take the spotlight. It’s time to revisit the double denim, plaid, bucket hats and overalls that made their bow in the colorful and creative 1990s.

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If you want to check out some of the latest 90s nostalgia looks, then Joyluxe Boutique is a great place to do it. They have a great selection of trendy and affordable fashions for you to explore. But what should you be looking at when trying to master the 90s revival look for today? Here are some of our top tips.

Overalls, the less baggy the better

Overalls seemed to be around every corner in the 90s, and they were mostly at their biggest and baggiest. That probably isn’t the coolest look for today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give overalls a try. All you have to do is opt for the slimmer, more form fitting varieties you can find in stores. So don’t just raid the closet for those old overalls you never did want to part with, go for the sleeker variety, grab a lightweight striped blouse, and you’ll be remembering the overalls of your youth with a whole new grown-up look.

1990s overalls look

photo c/o: Lauren Douglas

Do you love double denim?

Double denim wasn’t for everyone but there’s no doubting it was definitely part of the 90s, and it’s back. The one thing you need to remember, when going with the DD look, is that you need to mix and match your shades. If your jeans are dark then your top should be light. If you really can’t face the thought of going with just DD then teaming jeans with a denim jacket and a self-colored shirt is a good alternative.

Denim on Denim 1990s

photo c/o: Jacky

It’s a plaid world

Remember the outfits from iconic 90s movie Clueless, and their reliance on a lot of plaid? Well that trend wasn’t just restricted to the big screen. Plaid was all around in the 90s. In those days, whole outfits of contrasting plaid were not uncommon. If that’s not really your style then you may want to think about adding just a touch of plaid to your regular outfits. This is easy to do if you invest in a plaid sweater or shirt that you can wear as layers and use to give just a touch of the 90s to your outfit.

1990s plaid outfit

photo c/o: Elizabeth Keene

Depending on what you were doing in the 90s, and what it meant for you, you may think the revival is awesome, or you may be less impressed. One thing is certain, the 90s trend seems set to be around for a while. So just embrace it, from your denim to your plaid, and wear your 90s inspired outfits with pride and a definite injection of style from today.

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