How to Love Your Post Pregnancy Body

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How to Love Your Post Pregnancy Body

Loving your post pregnancy is mostly in your head and being confident in your new look and life as a mom. Here are a few tips on how to navigate and be prepared for you new body.

Hair Loss

After you have the baby, you might start losing your hair. During pregnancy, sometimes your daily hair loss decreases. Once you have the baby, you might start losing more hair than normal to make up for it. Don’t panic and if you feel like it is that bad, embrace the hat trend!

Pregnancy Hair Loss

Skin Discoloration

Any skin discoloration or pregnancy acne may disappear after pregnancy. This is one amazing benefit.

Pregnancy Skin Discoloration


If your vision changed during pregnancy, it will likely bounce back. It is important to get your vision checked a few month after you give birth and then again after you stop breastfeeding.

Pregnancy Vision Changes

Breast Changes

Engorgement is an awful experience that I would not wish on any women. It hurts really bad! To prevent engorgement after giving birth, breastfeed within two hours after birth if possible and nurse frequently. Also, let your baby finish nursing on one breast before switching to other.

 Post Pregnancy Breasts


The pregnancy belly does not go away right away, and honestly mine is still hanging around after two years. Breastfeeding is supposed to help your uterus contract and help you use the belly faster.

Post Pregnancy Belly
Stretch Marks

They can occur as you grow during pregnancy as you lose weight. It is important to care for your skin and stay hydrated to prevent them, but if you are not able to prevent them, know that 90% of women have them! They fade with time, and you learn to look past them.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks


Most women’s feet during pregnancy but the thing that people don’t tell you is that you foot size may change for good. I’ve heard that if you pick up a washcloth by curling your toes, this can help your foot go back to the original size. I have not done it enough to know if it works. This tip was told to me by a ballet dancer that uses it keep her high arch. Part of what makes your foot “grow” is that the arch falls.

Pregnancy food growth


No one talks about this, but after giving birth, you are likely to either leakage or squirts when you sneeze or cough. It makes having allergies or being sick that much work and extremely embarrassing. You can do Kegel exercises to get everything fit and in the mean time once you are all healed down there. You can use Poise Bladder supports to prevent any mishaps. Here is a coupon on them.

Poise Impressa


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9 thoughts on “How to Love Your Post Pregnancy Body”

  1. It is amazing how resilient the female body can be! When you stop and think about it, these few changes, scratches, dents, and dings are pretty insignificant given that you actually grew another person inside of your body! The key is to love the body you are in and spend your time fussing over the baby, not stressing over some silly stretch marks! As a wise person once said, “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind!”

  2. It’s amazing to think about all the ways our bodies change after giving birth! It’s great that products like this exist for those who need them! It’s super important to love your post-pregnancy body, especially when you consider what your body just accomplished: giving birth to a little baby! 🙂

  3. Bodies will continue to change well after pregnancy! Some good, some not but it’s all part of being moms and women. The gift is to love the body that was so amazing that it grew another person inside!

  4. I definitely experienced the majority of these with my kids! I hated the hair loss though! My hair was so shiny and full while pregnant after I gave birth I loss near my temples. Did not make me feel cute at all. Girl, my tummy is still round and its been 3 years for me! Ugh, its horrible. I need to get on that stat!

  5. My vision always got worse with each pregnancy it was so crazy! I went from a size 6 to 9 with my pregnancies for shoes; I am so excited that cleared up! It’s crazy all the things our bodies go through with pregnancy.

  6. I didn’t experience hair loss with all my pregnancies. I had skin discoloration and tons of stretch marks. There were also instances when I suffered from light bladder leakage after giving birth, but it went away after a while.

  7. I love how real you kept this post! Some women don’t talk about their body after they have a baby because they are so unhappy with the changes. We all go through them and some changes are even permanent. It’s so important to love our bodies after we go through pregnancy just as much as we did before if not more.

  8. Thank you very helpful article! Your body is you. Every woman can regain not only her shape, but also achieve an even more beautiful silhouette. The main thing is motivation, exercise and proper nutrition.


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