Easy Tips on How to Style Midi Skirt Outfits like a Pro this Summer

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Midi skirt outfits are so much fun and easy wear in so many real life situations. I am excited to share a few midi skirt outfit ideas.

Midi skirts outfits

I have seen many women complaining about the new length of skirts and that they want shorter hems rather than midi lengths. Personally, I find midi length skirts and dresses extremely flattering and appealing for everyday and office outfits.

What is Midi Length?

Let’s talk about what is midi length. A midi length skirt or dress hits between your knee and ankle. I prefer midi skirts that hit right below my knee or little bit lower, but not so low that they are almost maxi.

One of the best parts of midi length skirts for women over 40 is that they cover up aging knees. You can tell an women’s age or weight loss in their knees.

When I am wearing midi skirts or dresses, I like to wear shorts underneath them to prevent chaffing and for comfort.

How to Style Midi Skirt?

The skirt that I’m wearing and all these midi skirt outfits is from my trunk club. My stylish from Trunk Club picked it out and I’m totally in love.

This navy midi skirt comes in navy, white, and khaki green. It is such a great find and is a staple piece for spring and summer. It is made of washable linen and has a stretch waist in the back making it super comfortable.

It is such a great staple piece that I was able to style it with so many different looks.  It will definitely get a ton of use this spring and summer.

If you haven’t tried trunk club yet, you definitely should. I love being able to try things on my own home.

I just don’t like the pressure of trying on clothes in the fitting room with a sales person trying to rush me and the lighting is not ideal. I am not sure how it happened but normally it is $25 per box for trunk club. The styling fee is waived if you use your Nordstrom credit or debit card.

If you use this link, we both get credited $50 towards your purchase and I will get $50 towards my next purchase. WIN – WIN!

Everything that I have included in this post can be requested through trunk club or bought straight from the Nordstrom website individually. I have included links to every piece. It is all still available right now.

Washable Linen for Summer

The skirt and blazer that are featured in most of these looks is a linen blend that is machine washable and tumble dry.

Linen clothes that you can washed and dried is a must. I really don’t have the energy or bandwidth for dry cleaning especially in summer. 

I know that any clothes worn in summer in Florida is going to need a wash after wearing it just once. Other seasons of clothes, I am fine with drying cleaning after tons tons of wear, but not in the summer.

how to wear midi skirts

Floral Top with Midi Skirt Outfit

The first look is paired with a top from one of my favorite top and dress brands – CeCe. They never disappoint and aways look chic. 

I tucked the CeCe top into the navy midi skirt for a fun day time look that can be worn to work with or without the linen white blazer in summer. 

For everyday, I paired the look with white platform sandals from Franco Sarto. These come in white and black leather. They have a hook-and-loop ankle strap making it extremely easy to strap on these a jute-wrapped shoes.  

If your office is more traditional, you can pair the look with nude pumps. These are my fave!  I love the height and they are super comfortable. 

My next look is a very office conservative look with a high neck white top and white linen blazer.

A fun summer look with the midi skirt is pairing it with a scallop camisole. Its a great staple for summer brunch and even work a light colored blazer. 

Midi skirt outfits

The cami comes in several color and prints that are all fantastic! I want all of them! 

This midi skirt is so versatile for summer that it looks fantastic with this eyelet top over a white cami or a bathing suit. 

For summer, I love wearing Jack Roger sandals with look by the pool or at the beach. 

Which look is your favorite?

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