Palm Beach Children’s Hospital Trauma Center

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If you have ever had a traumatic event in your child’s life, you know that you want the absolute best care possible. The Palm Beach Children’s Hospital Trauma Center is the place to go to get the best treatment around!

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Palm Beach Children's Hospital

My daughter was hit in the head by a child while we were on visiting family. She had 32 stitches. It was traumatic for me and of course for her.

Palm Beach Children's Hospital

That is why I am excited to share that the team at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center is ready for any trauma that your child may encounter whether you are living in South Florida or just visiting.

Palm Beach Children's Hospital

The trauma center at St. Mary’s Medical Center and the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital is one of only two state-designated Level I Trauma Centers in Palm Beach County, and one of nine in the state of Florida. That is amazing to have a great children’s hospital so close.

The trauma team at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital is composed of award-winning surgeons, specially-trained nurses, anesthesiologists and additional specialists.

They works with patients through the entire spectrum of a traumatic injury, including prevention education and rehabilitation.

The Palm Beach Children’s Hospital trauma center works around the clock to deliver prompt, high quality care for patients in critical condition resulting from a serious fall, motor vehicle accident or a violent altercation.

For patients that need additional follow-up planning, Palm Beach Children’s Hospital also provides over 30 pediatric specialties.

Palm Beach Children's Hospital

What is a Level I Trauma Center?

To earn Level I designation, hospitals must pass certain criteria, including:

  • 24-hour in-house coverage by general surgeons, and prompt availability of care in specialties such as orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, radiology, plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial, pediatric and critical care. 
  • Referral resource for communities in nearby regions.
  • Providing leadership in prevention, public education to surrounding communities.
  • Operating an organized teaching and research effort to help foster new innovations in trauma care.
Palm Beach Children's Hospital

Having been through a traumatic events with my daughter, I know how important it is to have 24 hour availability of surgeons. We waited to hour for a plastic surgeon to arrive to stitch up my daughter.

I love that the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital is dedicated to children. Palm Beach Children’s Hospital’s  team of  pediatric physicians, nurses and child life team are there for your child so that they can normalize their experience while being in the hospital.

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