10 Reasons You’ll Love Living in the Florida Keys

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The Florida keys lifestyle is amazing and gorgeous. I am very excited to share 10 reason why you’ll love Living in the Florida Keys.

living in the florida keys

I grew up going to the Florida Keys with my family going to the Ocean Reef Club and it was such a fun and memorable time in my life. I made tons of friends and really grew to love the Florida Keys Lifestyle. 


The climate in the Florida Keys only varies by about 10 degrees throughout the year. The water helps the summer be more mild than in other places in Florida. It is a more temperate climate than the rest of the US.

Beach House 

Get the beach house you always dream of. It is possible to have a nice sandy beach in your backyard in the Florida Keys. The beach home with this view is for sale here.

beach house


You can grow most Orchids easily in the Florida Keys. You can make a lovely outdoor garden with help from Silver Vase Orchids. Learn how to make Orchids part of your home decor here.

It is a flower lover’s dream come true to be surrounded by gorgeous orchids. 

living in the florida keys


The fishing is the best in the keys. You can charter a boat and get all kinds of fish that you can bring home and grill that day. 

There are some specific seasons like lobster season and snook season that you don’t want to miss in the keys. What about grouper and dolphin (not flipper 🐬) seasons? 

Year round you can fish for Tuna, Sailfish, and Yellowtail. 

You can do all kinds of fishing like flats fishing, back country fishing, reef fishing, and deep sea fishing all in the Florida Keys.

Snorkeling & Boating 

You don’t have to fish to enjoy the water. You can take in nature under the water with snorkeling the reefs and boating with the gorgeous water in every direction. 

Small Town Atmosphere

The Keys have a small town atmosphere without living in the middle of nowhere.

Having grown up in a small town, I love being able to see people you know everywhere. It is a nice feeling to be able to see friendly faces everyday.

Art & Culture 

The keys are very art and culture focused with tons of artists living in the Keys and galleries to check out! 

beach house in the florida keys

Always on Vacation Feel 

It is hard to sweat the small stuff when you are smelling sea air and seeing green all year round. 

With remote working on the rise, you can have your office facing the water and always have the best view in the world. 

I love my occupation…

living in the florida keys

Island Life in the US 

Get the beach house you always dreamed of without having to move out of the US. 

I watch all these shows like International House Hunters and most of the places look and feel like the Keys, but you get the added benefit of staying on US soil. 

I lived abroad for a few months and the language barrier makes getting simple things done harder. 

Here you know the language and the laws. It makes living in paradise simpler. 

living in the florida keys

Always Fresh Seafood

The moment I get to the keys, I eat nothing but fresh seafood. It is literally right off the boat fresh and I want it all. 

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