Orchid Home Decor with Silver Vase Orchids

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Orchid home decor and taking care of them seemed like an unattainable goal until I discovered Silver Vase Orchids. They made dream of having amazing orchids in my home a reality!

Outdoor Decor

A few weeks ago, I modeled for Silver Vase Orchids on location in Islandmorada in the Florida Keys. This amazing Florida Keys property is for sale here.

Outdoor Decor

It was learning experience on how to incorporate orchids into your home decor and eventually entertaining again. Right now, the beauty of the orchids are for me and my family and YOU GUYS!

silver vase orchids

Easter Table Decor

You can decorate your Easter table with beautiful orchids like these Espresso Orchids.

Easter Table Decor
Easter Tablescape

You can get all these amazing orchids at Silver Vase Orchids here.

Brunch Table Decor

You can use your orchids as part of a stylish tablescape for brunch.

Brunch Decor
Brunch Decor

Kitchen Counter Decor

You can use orchids to make your kitchen more colorful. I love using a tiered display to showcase orchids. Also, windowsills are an ideal place to put your orchids since they will get some sunlight there.

Orchid Home Decor

Outdoor Decor

You can bring luxury to outside with these beautiful orchids. I love the idea of creating a beautiful orchid sanctuary.

orchid home decor
orchid outdoor decor

Make your yard special with a fun feature like this lovely bridge. Cover it in orchids for a lovely outdoor statement piece.

Make your pool or beach area extra special with lovely orchids on a side table.

I find that the Florida landscape to be overwhelming green. In other climates, spring brings a sea of color. Here in Florida, it is difficult to find flowers that will grow here.

Orchids are one of the few flowers that grow in Florida. If you want to bring some color to your world, orchids will do the job with grace and beauty. Learn more about how to care for orchids here.

Outdoor Decor

Orchid Home Display

Make orchids the center piece of your home decor with something like this teak tree to show off your beautiful orchids.

orchid home display
orchid home decor

Give a Gift of Beauty

If you are looking for a lovely gift to thank a friend for something, orchids are an amazingly luxurious choice that most people do not think to get them selves.

orchid gift

I gave my bestie some plants from my house and encouraged her to find her green thumb. Now, she is a plant lady that posts on her stories all about her beautiful plants.

After years with a black thumb, I know that it is possible to grow things with minimal effort.

Orchids require special care, but once you know what to do, it really is no big deal and can be done!

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