Clever Ideas on How to Organize Your Craft Room

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These craft room organizing solutions will help keep your workspace tidy and uncluttered, and you don’t need a huge budget or expensive craft organizers to make it work. The organized atmosphere will help to loosen your mind and encourage imagination to flow. 

Creativity is in need of accommodation. There are a lot of working moms who love to craft, paint, create, and write in their spare time.

But finding time and space in their full schedules can be a struggle! If you’re a full-time artist or a weekend crafting lover, working in a crowded, messy environment will create more stress than an artistic genius.

Organizing and styling craft rooms and fine-tuning cabinets and drawers are our favorite ways to maintain a home that inspires creativity.

Once all the textures, colors, and embellishments have a house, the set is much easier to navigate and build.

Create Your Area of Central Command

A smart rule is to set up a central work area—a desk or a table fits best in a craft room. This location is supposed to be the only spot where you get your craft done.

Don’t scatter your art ideas around the building. Messiness makes it so much tougher to focus on your idea.

It’s a lot easier to stay coordinated when you have your craft supplies in one place. Try looking for some sliding door hardware to add a sliding door to an entrance to close off the room when not in use.

Store Often Used Products for Plain Sight

Keep regularly used craft materials in cardboard bins or open containers close to your workspace and in plain view.

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to finish a craft project and having to interrupt what you’re doing to look for a pair of scissors or a misplaced glue gun.

Make a Place for Everything

Assign special areas for all your journals, art materials, ribbons, etc. Organize the materials according to the kind of art they are used for—sewing supplies in one location and painting supplies in another.

When you use your art tools, please make sure you get them back to their designated locations straight away.

Don’t let the stuff pile up. If you store craft items in locked boxes or drawers, sign them so that you don’t forget what you put inside.

Checking the exterior of the labeled storage boxes is much easier than taking the boxes down from the rack, opening them, and looking inside.

Display Pretty Items

We enjoy discovering new, interesting things to keep on seeing. We’re big on ‘shape meeting purpose’ and the right showpieces will serve as practical storage and trendy accessories.

Get any jars and baskets and think which objects are good enough to look at. Think of ribbons, paintbrushes, and jars of embellishments as the ideal art pieces to have on display.

To avoid little embellishments and add-ons from being mixed up and misplaced, we prefer to use small, clear baggies.

Through cutting unnecessary packaging and ads, we simplified the range with consistent storage, leaving the drawers clean and easy to navigate. One family used Daiso’s zip-up bags to clean a “mail” drawer, and it worked like a charm!

Contain Small Tools

Since whittling down your art supplies to your curated set, we’re still pooling ‘like for like’ and creating large categories of supplies.

The brain can only store so much knowledge, so this procedure allows the brain to recall where particular things are.

If you have a big set, you’re not sure where to start, think about the large categories and refine them from there.

Start Now

“Do it now” is going to be your new personal motto. Procrastinators also fear completing uncomfortable things, wasting more time delaying doing anything than it really takes to do.

When you “do it now,” you’re going to spare yourself a lot of needless anxiety later.

Set the timer for 15 minutes and clean it as best as you can in that period of time.

The next day, get a grip on another little area. If you do something every day, your craft room will soon be tidy and orderly.

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