Surprising Shampoo Facts: What To Do When Shampoo Turns Bad

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Shampoo goes bad, it could be a catchy phrase in the right context. But, this is something you need to take seriously. It’s surprising, but shampoo can go bad.

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Of course, the exact shelf life will depend on the product and what chemicals have been used in it. In most cases, a shampoo should be good for eighteen months.

It’s worth noting that the top-quality shampoos, like the Redken range, use natural products and will generally not last as long as those with plenty of harsh chemicals in them.

Of course, natural products are significantly better for your hair. They are likely to give you shiny and healthy hair which will inspire your confidence.

Testing Your Shampoo

If you’re concerned about the shelf life of your shampoo then take a look at the bottle. Many shampoos will put an expiration date on the bottle. It should be noted that this is not a fixed date, you don’t need to throw the shampoo away as soon as you reach the date.

Instead, it’s a guide and you need to be aware of the signs that your shampoo has gone bad. No, wearing a biker jacket isn’t one of them.

The Odor

Shampoo should smell nice. It’s not generally essential for cleaning your hair but it does help it smell nice while you’re washing it and afterward. This is generally a result of the chemicals added to the shampoo and it’s a great way of telling your shampoo is no longer good.

If you smell your shampoo when you buy it you’ll find the smell delightful. When the smell changes and it’s no longer delightful, your shampoo has gone bad. 

Gone Running

Most people don’t start running to emphasize their bad streak. But, your shampoo does. When it goes bad it will become runny. The texture is likely to be more watery and you’ll notice separation in the bottle. 

This signifies the proteins in the shampoo are breaking down and it will no longer be effective. You should note that this doesn’t make it dangerous, just not good at cleaning your hair.

Lack of Lather

If your shampoo can no longer produce a lather then it’s near the end of its life. It will be time to replace it.

When shampoo goes bad it is unlikely to cause damage to your hair. However, it will no longer be capable of washing it properly.

Storing Shampoo Properly

In reality, your shampoo shouldn’t go bad. A bottle will not last eighteen months if you wash your hair three to four times a week. Of course, you may have several shampoos on the go and you don’t know how long they’ve been stored in the shop. That’s why you need to keep it out of direct sunlight and high heat. 

At the same time, know the above symptoms and if your shampoo is displaying any or all of them, it’s time to throw it out.

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