Why We are Buying a Hybrid Car

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Hurricane Irma has been a serious wake-up call for me and my husband. We fled the state of Florida last week after finding out that that Hurricane Irma was a category 5 hurricane. After living here 20 years, I can tell you that we barely ever flee, but after seeing what happened with Harvey, everyone was paying attention and was legitimately freaked out by the possibility of widespread devastation and even death.


During the day on Tuesday, I started bringing in all the plants and furniture from the backyard. I started to get real anxiety about the hurricane and immediately called my husband. I told him that I wanted to leave. That night, my husband waited in line for over an hour after driving all over town looking for gas. This was the first indication that gas was going to be a problem this hurricane. We left first thing on Wednesday morning and saw lines of people waiting for gas on the turnpike. The police were rationing at some stations – only allowing people to fill up the tank and one gas can. This is when I first started wishing we had a hybrid. We had just borrowed a hybrid from Toyota Avalon to go to Orlando for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. My husband and I love the drive and the fact that we didn’t gas up the entire time we had the car.

I have been considering a hybrid for quite some time, but honestly I have been hemming and hawing about the price. Also, both me and my husband get decent gas milage on our cars ~23/30 miles per gallon each. The Toyota Avalon bumps you up to 40/39 mpg. They also have a ton of hybrid options with the Prius, Prius Prime, RAV4, Camry, Highlander, and the Mirai. With so many choices, we are excited to test drive all of them. We are leaning toward the Avalon right now because of how spacious and comfortable the car is.

15 Reason the Avalon Hybrid is Awesome


  1. The Avalon Hybrid is the ideal road trip vehicle with the perfect mix of comfort, fuel efficiency, passenger/trunk capacity and safety.
  2. Avalon is a benchmark for style, comfort and hybrid fuel economy (40 mpg), which is better than most compact vehicles, in a premium midsize sedan
  3. Unparalleled safety with standard Toyota Safety Sense™-P (TSS-P) for all grades.
  4. Automatic High Beam, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection and Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist.
  5. Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  6. All the safety features are especially helpful on long trips where fatigue is a factor.
  7. Dynamic Radar Cruise is especially helpful on long highway drives, allowing the driver to keep a safe distance to cars ahead automatically, even if they slow down or another car cuts in front of you.
  8. Road trips need entertainment, and Avalon has many ways to help people enjoy the drive even more:
  9. Entune™ Premium JBL Audio with Navigation system uses a 12-channel JBL Synthesis amplifier and 11 JBL® speakers, including two subwoofers, and features GreenEdge™ technology that reduces power draw on the car’s electrical system.
  10. App Suite functions through a smartphone interface and brings applications including Destination Search, iHeartRadio, MovieTickets.com, OpenTable, and Pandora®
  11. AM/FM cache radio, which lets you pause up to 20 minutes of a broadcast to replay later if you get a call, etc.
  12. HD Radio and HD Radio traffic and weather
  13. USB 2.0 port with iPod® connectivity
  14. CD for those who haven’t completely converted their collection to iPods
  15. Important for long road trips in case things don’t go as planned: Toyota Care, a complimentary plan covering 24-hour roadside assistance as well as normal factory-scheduled maintenance and for two years. 

Customize your Avalon HERE.


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  1. This is a great car. I read about it on the cararac blog. Very comfortable interior, spacious for the whole family. Only I love beige leather salons, and I will definitely make one for myself as soon as I buy a car 🙂

  2. The car is cool, the rear view is the bomb, but the front view is a little bit pumped up, well, this is Toyota, not about design. If you need to sell it, the best conditions for sale offers company Instabuycars. Guarantee, I sold my car for a very long time, it is good that I found them.


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