Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade Easter Watch Party

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Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of all the colors and the start of my favorite season – spring! We are kicking off the Easter and spring season with a Easter watch party. This week we colored eggs, made yummy egg salad, and cuddled watching the Ice Age Egg-Scapade TV special! 
Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade came out in 2016. Most of the actors came back from previous films except Aziz Ansari, whose role as Squint was replaced by Seth Green.
Whenever we get a new movie to watch, I love getting into the spirit of the film. We dress up, do crafts, and eat foods themed after the films. Today, we got in our Easter PJs so we were extremely comfy cozy to watch the special. We snacked on cereal mixed with nuts and pretzels. Popcorn totally works too!! I also made Ice Age drinks with blue grape juice with food dye and white grape juice.

After we watched, we colored eggs and talked about the characters and story in Ice Age. I love to ask my daughter questions about the movies we watch and let her tell me the story from her perspective. It helps with memory, comprehension, creativity, and expressing opinions. There is nothing worse than asking someone what they thought about a piece of art, film, or book and getting the answer it was good or bad. I want depth and well thought out answers from my child and even my friends. ‘Good’ is not good enough for me! 

Enjoy the Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade available on DVD on March 7! 

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