Ick! The Top 4 Messiest Moments of having an Infant

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.

Having an infant is a wonderful experience. To quote Ferris Bueller, “If you have means, I highly recommend picking one up.” However I should warn that it’s not all cute/viral video worthy moments! Babies have a way of creating some serious “Ick” moments. Below, I list the Top 5 “Ick” moments  of having an infant.

#4 Yellow Fountain

Babies go through SO MANY diapers. And with the number of diaper changes that you as a new parent go through in a day, this is bound to happen. Child wets diaper. Doting parent places child on the changing table and takes off wet diaper. In the 10 seconds between taking the old diaper off and putting the new one under the tiny  butt of the baby, a yellow fountain blesses the changing table.

I have a daughter, so the fountain is more of a tickle that dribbles out nearly unnoticed. That is until you notice that her onesie is now SOAKED. From friends with boys, this moment can turn into a game of “duck and cover.”


#3 Black Sock Down

I take my daughter’s socks off every time I change a #2 diaper now. This is because she likes to swing her feet around and occasionally she makes contact with the brown matter contents of said soiled diaper. I know it’s counter intuitive, bare skin touching it is more gross than a sock right? Well, no, you can just grab one of the wipes from the container and deal with it on the foot. But on the sock it gets INTO the material. Now you have a poo soiled sock that you have to remove from a quickly moving baby foot.


#2 Food everywhere. Except the mouth.

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Ick Awards 2014

#1 Poop-splosion

Do you have a kid? Then you know what I am talking about. She hasn’t gone #2 for let’s say a day or two. Then suddenly a tidal fury of ick floods even the diaper. Even the most technologically advanced and absorbent diapers are useless against this mess. It’s moments like these where you must SOUND THE ALARM and call all available hands on deck.


Second City and the Clorox Ick Awards

Clorox Ick Awards 2014

In honor of these moments of parental life full of spontaneity and ick, Clorox is teaming up with Second City Communications for the Clorox Ick Awards. The awards will be broadcast on April 9th from 6-10PM, and they promise to be the messiest virtual awards show ever! During the broadcast Second City Communcations will turn tweets into #ickies video skits that they will perform during the show. Viewers will help pick the winners by voting during the broadcast. Over $2,500 dollars worth of prizes will be given away!

If you have a moment like our top four, go ahead and share it, using #ickies and then tune into the show to see if it is featured! And while you’re doing that, visit here to find ways that Clorox can help you laugh through even the ickiest of moments. Because if you’re not laughing, you’ll probably end up crying.


So what are your Ick moments? Mention them in the comments below and then be sure to submit to the Clorox Ick Awards!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.

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  1. funny 🙂 mine would be… baby gets a cold, baby can’t breath, I try all sorts of advices on how to clean his nose, nothing works 🙁 Daddy takes one for the team and sucks nose… aaahh… ICK!!! wow! baby breaths and is back to sleep now… mommy is so happy and kisses daddy… wait… aaahhh… ICK!!


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