Kia 2016 Sedona

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The Kia 2016 Sedona vehicle was provided to me for testing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own in this Kia 2016 Sedona Review. 

The past few weeks have been kinda crazy with the new year and getting the house together. I have been going all over the place buying things for the house. Something about the new year has got me really excited about refreshing my house. It was really easy to buy things with the Kia 2016 Sedona. It has so much space to put kids and stuff. My car only has room for kids or stuff. This has room for both!! There is also a little mommy sneak mirror that allows you to get the best view of the children.

IMG_8461 IMG_8444 IMG_8377

Before the Kia 2016 Sedona arrived, I did some research into what I would be driving. The features blew me away! The first thing that stood out to me was the gas milage. Being such a huge van, I thought the gas milage would be terrible. Boy was I wrong! The website says nothing is compromised. I totally agree with that! There is tons of leg room and space up the wazoo, three zones of, lot of lights so that you find everything like the handles in the dark.

IMG_8468 IMG_8412 IMG_8382

Did I mention that the doors slide open with a pull of the handle and also from the interior cabin? This is a huge help when you have kids. The Kia 2016 Sedona makes having a kid so much easier!


Learn more about the Kia 2016 Sedona HERE!


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