Low Carb Lunch Meat Roll Ups & Game Day Appetizers

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We have been having a blast watching football throughout the season. Every Sunday we watch the game at home and get on our game day gear. This year, I have been working on making Sunday cooking as easy as possible. That way I can enjoy the game with my family. I started making low carb lunch meat roll-ups and other easy game day appetizers.

First, I started by making my list of what I needed from Walmart for my game day spread. I added Hillshire Farm® Lunch Meat (Turkey, Chicken, & Salami), Tyson® Any’tizers ® Popcorn Chicken and Tyson® Any’tizers ® Chicken Fries.


I decided to make yummy low carb lunch meat roll-ups with the thinly peeled zucchini wrapped with Hillshire Farm®lunchmeat like Salami, Chicken, and Turkey. It tastes great and is really easy to make.

Low Carb Lunch Meat Roll-Ups


3 Zucchinis

1/2 Pound Hillshire Farm® Salami

1/2 Pound Hillshire Farm® Turkey


Use a peeler to make strips of zucchini.

Slice the salami into strips.

Layer the salami and the zucchini with 2 layers of each.

Roll up the zucchini and salami to make lunch meat sushi rolls. You can use a toothpick to secure the rolls, but I didn’t use them.

Fold up the Hillshire Farm® turkey slices into 3 making it a little square.

Wrap 2 pieces of zucchini around the turkey in an x pattern.

Skewer the zucchini turkey bite with a toothpick.


Easy Game Day Appetizers

The Tyson® Any’tizers ® Popcorn Chicken and Tyson® Any’tizers ® Chicken Fries were a huge hit in my household and I loved them because they were so easy to make. I just baked them in the oven and put them out to be served. Easy!

If you are looking for an easy cocktail to bring to a dinner party that is low carb, check out White Claw. It has between 2 to zero carbs with 100 to 70 calories per can. 



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