Mad About Mad Men

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Mad Men has filled the void that the ending of Sex and the City and Sopranos created in my life. It mixes amazing fashion with stellar writing and acting. What else could a girl ask for? I am so mad about Mad Men that I had one of Joan Harris’s (nee Halloway) dresses custom made for me. Through SHE By Cindy’s Etsy store front you can order from a variety of the dresses worn by Christina Hendrick’s character on the show.  I am planning on wearing my neuvo-wiggle dress to both an upcoming Halloween gala and to work as well.  The show has been inspiring designers and

Michael Kors did an entire collection inspired by Mad Men in 2008. As usual Michael was ahead of the fashion curve when he designed an entire Mad Men inspire collection in 2008. I lusted after the entire collection in 2008 without realizing that it stemmed from the show. I guess the heart wants what it wants. Oscar de la Renta has a wonderful iconic green Joan Holloway dress on the runway this season.   Even Michael Kors could not resist slipping a few early 60s inspired dresses into his fall collection.  1928 Jewelry Company has made several Joan Holloway inspired jewelry pieces, including the gold pen necklace that is her signature jewelry piece.

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